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They’ve watched her share bondage site recommendations, cheating confessions and stories about her Hollyweird life in LA. And I'm wearing no pants, ’cause it's too hot in LA, and a shirt with my face on it. ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’ came about more or less as a joke.With two million You Tube subscribers and over 800,000 Instagram followers, Trish is basically the Anna Nicole Smith of our generation, who in the past has called Gigi Gorgeous a best friend and once appeared on Tyra Banks’ chat show because she was addicted to hair extensions. I love him and think he's dreamy of course, but he only dates supermodels, so I always joked that one day he'd meet me and I'd change his type and he'd propose to me on the first date. Leonardo Di Caprio in Romeo Juliet Trisha: Ooooooh this is so hard.

For sure there's your familiar shopping hauls, Louis Vuitton bag openings and every day beauty talk that has become synonymous with beauty vlogger channels, but our fave busty blonde from overseas isn't shy about sharing EVERY detail of her plastic fantastic life with her subscribers. It’s so not like me, and I have a broken nail, life is TERRIBLE! Just your average teenage girl, give or take a decade. I think my life is quite boring, but apparently people like watching me eat takeout, and crying about my love life.Twitter user Rickey Abbott said: "Worst episode yet.Get rid of the convicted sex offender & other tw*ts & stick to the basics which made you funny and dope!The video featuring Harris saw the online critic and Bonkaz travel to Thornton Heath, south London, where they ate together at Morley's fast food restaurant.But furious fans have slammed him for "the worst episode yet" and urged him to get rid of Harris and "stick to the basics".She's like, "you are obsessed, good thing he doesn't know," and I was like, “oh he's going to know,” and then wrote the song in just a few minutes. I would marry Jack, because hello, he literally gave his life for Rose. Trisha: Lmao, I hope I have nails by then, the acrylics are wearing them thin. People desperately needed change in entertainment and the audience has spoken and literally changed society as we know it.

I hope I'm still entertaining, hopefully married to Burt Reynolds, and we become King and Queen of some undiscovered island.

He adds that the shops has the “livest deals for the cheapest prices.” An unhappy third visit to Dixy chicken in Tufnell Park, as he complains that the burger sauce is a "myth".

This was due to the "radioactive burger sauce", which was "bare gloopy".

Elijah travels around London testing out chicken shops in search of London’s ‘pengest munch’. I was thinking ‘boom’ they are gonna be soft chips. Nothing special.” He said the burger was “not peng at all” - a slang word for great.

The 23-year-old describes himself as “a food critic for mandem who care to know what the finest chicken restaurants in London are and where to find them.” In one video he visited “Chick King” in Tottenham, where he slams the eatery for its "weak" wing flavour. In fact it was just "hench", another slang word and this time he was describing how the burger was too large for his liking.

He comments on the cost, appearance and most importantly, the taste of the food.

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    She is survived by daughter, Suzanne Steinbach and husband Laurence of Georgetown and son, Bob and wife Sherry of Conroe, Texas. Junelle Nixon passed away Monday, November 20, 2017 in Tow, Texas at the age of 81.

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