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"Let's get close to Estelle so that once you're helpless and I've won, I can tie you two together," Mom said and they came over to me. I can't believe you don't enjoy it," she said, struggling. It's just a little uncomfortable," I said, still trying to roll onto my stomach to cover my underside."Oh, that's part of the game, Esty. We spent the next few minutes talking to each other before Mom arrived with the Saran wrap. "This is for wearing to bed tonight," Mom laughed, making both of us curious."Estelle knows what this is all about, and so will you, now," Mom said as she tied her wrists behind her. When she hits you with that crop, it's going to hurt bad. Not to mention tickling and who knows whatever else she wants to try on you," I said. "But until then, I wanted to try a new way to tie two people together," she said.

I knew she was open, but didn't know she was THIS comfortable. They make them stick out which I know embarrasses her," she said, looking down at me. I was always shy about my larger-than-average breasts, and she tied them to stick out to tease me. It worked well, I think," Amanda said as she cupped my breasts and gently squeezed. "You know, I'm not bi or anything, which is why I'm comfortable doing this to you," Amanda said, briefly squeezing again. Now there was NO way I could get out because I couldn't pull my wrists under my legs to untie with my teeth. First, you get the gag in her and then you punish her for defying you," Mom said walking over to me. But if you had done what you were told, you wouldn't be going through this," she said. "I like to call it the cross hogtie.""Cross hogtie? She did before telling me to try and pull them free which I was unable to do. I'll be more than happy to..." Mom started before Amanda interrupted. While I'd like to experience it, I'd MUCH rather try stuff on you after all you've been dishing out." They stayed in the pool about 20 minutes before they both got out. " Amanda said and walked over to me, rolling me onto my side to get a good look at me.I wanted to MMPH and struggle, but struggling hurt too much. Said you lost a game to her and she gets to keep you tied up and do whatever she wants with you this weekend," she said as she turned me to my side. Estelle is inside and is tied up (she lost a game/bet and now I have her tied up for the whole weekend, able to do whatever I want with her). I wonder if she'd tie me up, or would at least let me tie her up..." Amanda said. " I started before she stuffed the panties back into my mouth and tied the hose around again (although not as good as my mother, it was enough to keep the gag in). I couldn't believe my best friend would do this to me, but at the same time it was as much of a rush as I had imagined. She eventually stopped tickling me and gently lifted me onto the couch. "We throw this end over the beam," which she let Amanda do, "and we pull. Amanda giggled and did it again and I yelped, running again, but being pulled back yet again. Mom tickled her soles lightly before telling her that she's got a lot to learn.But while I'm gone on my date, feel free to do whatever you want to her! -Charlotte" My eyes widened as Amanda smirked at me. "I'd love to play with her." "Well, when she gets home you can ask her... "In the mean time, I already have a little plaything here! "You know..." she brushed the hair out of my face and began rubbing my cheek with the back of her hand, "I've always wondered what this was like. She turned on a movie and placed my head in her lap. You did quite a good job on these knots," she said, tugging at them. Notice when we do this, it pulls her wrists upward, forcing her to bend over forward. "You know what else would make this even more humiliating for her? "If we took these off," she said, grabbing at my shorts. Amanda responded by tying Mom's hands behind her, her feet together, and a crotchrope onto her.She is my best friend and is ALWAYS over at random times. I was semi-relieved because I knew she'd untie me and at least for a while I could relieve some of the pressure and no longer be bored."Esty? "Yeah, she did." (Amanda and I have done a few things together before just to experiment so I wasn't TOO embarrassed and didn't have a problem with her touching them, and we're pretty open as well). She tugged at it gently which sent me into a frenzy. I started shivering from being so turned on, and she noticed and started to rub harder and faster, giggling at me. It was still pure torture, though, and I didn't think it would ever end. "What we need is something overhead, she let's take her to the basement where there is a strong beam," she said, and they led me to the basement which had been turned into a guest room sort of thing. "This position is great for spanking, especially once you tie the ankles together and the subject can't walk around. " I asked sarcastically before immediately regretting it. "Awe, her ass is turning red," Amanda said, patting and rubbing it. It'll just sting her for a little while, but she knew what was at stake," Mom assured her. First we get done what we wanted to do, and THEN we punish her." It was degrading! I started twitching and felt my eyes roll into the back of my head. "But it was pure TORTURE when you were hitting my... " I said, stretching my arms out before crossing them over my bare chest again. To start, Mom tied Amanda in the same box tie that she got me with." she called (her nickname for me) She walked into the room where I was. It said:"Amanda, glad you could come at such short notice. My mom did bondage in the past and challenged me to a game. She tied me up 4 times and I only got out once and I lost, so now I'm her 'slave' for the weekend. "You know, I've always been interested in this stuff, too. "Awe, this is like before, except this time you can't stop me! I couldn't believe her (before, she had showed me how but stopped when I asked her to), but I couldn't do anything to stop her. She tickled and teased me for what seemed like an eternity. It had a couch, bed, was well-lit, and, as she said, a beam that went overhead. But letting them walk around is entertaining as well because they always get pulled back. " Amanda then slapped my ass hard, making me try to walk away from her, but this hurt my arms more and I was forced back like a pendulum. It was almost like she was training me as an animal! Amanda knew what she was doing to me and did so harder and faster until I felt like I would explode as I twitched wildly. "So you see, this position is used for a lot of things," Mom said and they began untying me. I guess it was a trick that she hadn't showed her yet, and Amanda wasn't able to escape. She let Amanda do the last one and she did pretty good, spreading me out completely. Mom turned the lights out and shut the door and I laid down to relax. I guess now there are no problems," she giggled at me. I'm kinda embarrassed, but it's kind of a rush at the same time, too. You might want to eat light," she finished, and I lowered my head. Up until lunchtime, I'm going to teach you some of the basic ways I know to tie people up and let you try them out on Estelle.

They then spread me out and my mom tied three of my limbs to different corners of my bed, stretching me out. I've wanted to touch them but was always too embarrassed to ask. I wondered what she was talking about, but was getting ready for the elbow tie again. "You're not the one being forced topless, tied, whipped in places that you wouldn't dream of, tortured, trained, should I go on? In fact, let me tie your hands behind you while we wait for lunch," Amanda said, knowing what I was doing and why. "You're learning fast, Amanda," Mom looked up from cooking and smiled at me. "Of course, I could go without the vaginal torture and whipping, or the being topless, but I guess that's part of the game," she looked down. " I said as I rubbed them, getting some flow back into them. "So now, to keep her from doing this, we do one of two things. We can either tie her elbows together or tie her in a position I call strappado," Mom started. " Amanda beamed at me."Easy for you to say," I grumbled, still upset at not getting to wear a shirt. Don't think I won't remember that when I'm dealing you punishment." I looked down at the table, crossing my arms over my chest."That's a good girl. ""Yes, and either way, I'd consider it a win if I won or lost in the same game you played," Amanda smirked at Mom, telling my feelings.This time, Amanda tied Mom's hands behind her and tied her feet together before using a hook on our gutter normally used for Christmas lights to tie her in the strappado position that Mom had shown her.It caused Mom to come out of her top again, but she didn't care. "I dunno, I mean, I'm REALLY curious at this stage in life, and... Don't know," I said."I am too, but it's no big deal," she said.I was in place and wanted to go to sleep because I was bored, but the pressure on my crotch wouldn't let me. Plus, it was in the way of me massaging her," Amanda explained. If you didn't want to, you should have said something then! " Mom got excited and grabbed another piece of rope. Amanda, disappointed, slapped my ass again, making me run away. I couldn't speak, and it felt uncomfortable to have the ball in my mouth, not letting it close. "Or, you hit her where she's most sensitive," Mom said and whipped me.... I yelped and again ran away but was swung back by the ropes which held my hands above me. But little did I know she had something for this as well. My area down there stung REALLY bad, but I was SO turned on I couldn't stand it. "Awe, I'm sorry for hurting you," she said and started rubbing the area I was getting hit. But know that when I win, I won't show you any mercy," Mom warned her. "So cute..." She grabbed the crop and ran it between my chest all the way down to my crotch area before giving me one smack which made me yelp and beg her to stop.