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Just like these stores, you too have a chance to make an impression but if you fail there is no doubt that the user will leave within 15 seconds of landing on the website.

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It is therefore imperative that you stop seeing people who land on your store as 'traffic'; but as real human visitors.Invest in building filthy rich user experience, consistently and throughout your store.That is what stores with deeper pockets (like ASOS, Zappos & JCPenney) do to achieve better conversion rate than your store.It includes everything from visual, audio, aesthetic, usability, commercial and also the experience a user carries with her or him post the purchase.It is an extensively inclusive phenomenon and determines the way a user will 'feel', 'think' and 'act' on your store.Once these are identified, you should focus your marketing efforts in promoting your top selling products in banner sliders and recommended products.

5) Offer More Ways to Order from your Store Clearly show all the different ways in which a customer can place an order on your store including the 'by phone and by fax' options.You can't introduce changes on your store, simply by putting yourself in your customer's shoes and hoping that visitors would love them and eventually start buying more. If you want to improve conversions, you need fresh eyes and a different perspective than your own.You need to know your customers with the help of direct interactions and not just by empathetic assumptions.Of course, any website that is created or built from scratch will take into account the user's requirement but somehow a conscious investment into building an unmatchable user experience is still lacking in the initial phases of design, development and marketing processes.So, the Agenda of this white paper is fairly clear – To give you a starting point to improve your Store’s Conversion Rate by identifying and working on the touch points which you might have skipped during development phase of your store.It doesn't work that way until you're 100% sure about what your customers want.

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