Accommodating diversity in aged care

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Accommodating diversity in aged care

In addition to control over their reproduction, women have gained access to a broader range of jobs due to the changing nature of work.

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This pressure is causing us to look elsewhere for labour resources.Women’s participation in the labour force has increased as a result of economic and social changes.For example, birth control has allowed women greater control over their lives and opened up opportunities for education and employment.A century ago, the workplace was predominantly male and produced mainly agricultural and manufactured goods.Throughout the 20th century, particularly the latter half, our economy in North America has shifted from the production of goods to services.Not surprisingly, our business practices have had to keep pace with the changing needs of our markets and the workers who contribute to the success of our organizations.

When you consider the proliferation of service-oriented businesses, reflecting our diverse workforce is even more important because customers feel more comfortable doing business with people to whom they can relate.By: Marisa Lauri Ride the subway, walk down a busy downtown street, or attend a lecture at a local university.If you take a moment to look around, you will notice the rich cultural diversity of our cities.Changing social roles around the world, particularly for women, as well as international support for human rights, are also challenging previously accepted patterns of discrimination on the basis of religion, social class, ethnic origin, disability, and sexual orientation, as well as age and gender.The increasing participation of women in the labour force has been one of the most important aspects of workplace diversity in North America.Diversity in the workplace is important to our future business success because the world as we’ve known it has changed and will continue to do so.