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King Tut – What We Do and Don’t Know” Featureing Marianne Eaton-Krauss – We met with Egyptologist and author, Marianne Eaton-Krauss to discuss King Tut and her upcoming book, “The Unknown Tutankhamun.” “Best of Times, Worst of Times” – Featuring Dr. Robert Cargill about the biblical and ancient Near Eastern descriptions of Noah, as well as his reactions to the movie released this past weekend. Cargill is Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at The University of Iowa.

When the parents of a child no longer live together, the non-custodial parent usually will be required to pay a portion of their income to the custodial parent for support of that child.

currently I put a way to set individual names for player 1 and 2 so me and a friend could play but I feel this would make it more universal.

The goal is to take the code I have now and learn how to take a specified number, throw it into a loop to generate player objects (each with their own name) and have the program still function.

Key factors determining support payment in Massachusetts include: Where there has been a substantial change in circumstances, the Court may approve a modification of child support or spousal support.

Such circumstances may include job loss, a promotion resulting in an increase in income, or a serious illness requiring specialized, expensive health care.

“Ask An Archaeologist” Episode 2 – In this episode, Boston University’s Department of Archaeology’s Post Doctoral Associate, Travis Parno, Ph.

D, answers questions gathered from social media and man-on-the-street questions.

Gary Rendsburg, about the state of biblical archaeology and the study of the humanities. To see a full list and download or stream all our podcasts, please visit our Sound Cloud here.

“Ask An Archaeologist” Episode 1 – In this episode, students at BU gave us their questions for Professor of Archaeology and long-time archaeologist, Andrea Berlin to answer.

I have three classes, the Player class witch holds my constructors and payment methods, and get Name() get Money() methods as well.

the Roulette class witch is the main method for the program where this loop to add player objects should be added.

If no agreement is made, then child support will be determined pursuant the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

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