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From vintage thrift shops to locally sourced cafés, Worcester is full of unique and awesome places to spend time.

A comprehensive training program designed to provide employees and employers with awareness, knowledge, and the necessary skills to address domestic violence issues that impact the workplace.

Safe Dates is a ten session, research-based, dating abuse program that deals with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. The curriculum can be presented over a period of days or weeks, depending on scheduling needs.

Prevention advocates provided community members and professionals workshops and professional development trainings on the complexity of child abuse and domestic violence.

Participants are referred to the program by the Worcester Juvenile Court.

A strength-based, peer leadership, program where high school age youth receive training on dating violence and healthy relationships, in order to carryout awareness efforts in their school and community.

This webinar will push boundaries a little while also being appropriate for professionals, and teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum.

We all have our favorite local places, but in a city as big as Worcester it can sometimes be difficult to find the little shops and cafés that are truly one of a kind.

Children learn strategies to protect themselves and stay safe, strong and free.

This program is offered to children in pre- and elementary schools.

All community education workshops and programs can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an audience.

Webinar Description The various mindsets and approaches to romantic relationships are as varied within the autism spectrum community as without. However, there are some challenges that run across predilections and persuasions, e.g. There are things that a sometimes too-trusting Aspie might need to consider. We tend to be a little bit genderless, chameleons that like to explore, change and sometimes even shape-shift.

These workshops are designed to empower children to overcome bullying and harassment.

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