Adult sex dating in kansas

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Adult sex dating in kansas

Like not to be fooled by this skinny old guy with the glasses and friendly smile.

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That evening, Sue decided to take a whack at getting an answer. “If she didn’t answer me, why would she answer you?” I knew that my daughter learned about sex and birth control in middle school.But I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it. I mean, wouldn’t I have been neglecting my parental duties by not inquiring about my daughter’s health and well-being after a doctor’s visit?Hilarious, actually, judging by the way Sue had reacted to me a moment earlier. We raised our daughter to be independent and self-respecting. Unlike other girls her age, she’d never been promiscuous or abused drugs and alcohol.She felt comfortable telling us — telling her mother, anyway — about going on birth control.Sue read our daughter’s message aloud without skimming it first. I just started birth control last month, that’s all.” “She .” That’s all?

A flu shot is “that’s all.” A prescription for Flonase is “that’s all.” Even a few pain meds for a root canal is “that’s all.” But birth control?

I tried to reconcile the little girl in the photos with the young woman she was becoming.

Sue and I grew up in a time when our generation was rewriting society’s rules — rules that today’s kids are now living. Our parents were baffled and upset by the changes going on around them. If the older generation didn’t understand their kids, well sir, that was their problem.

No way does that come under the heading “that’s all,” at least if you’re a father on the receiving end of the news.

I mean, I knew that my daughter learned about sex and birth control — that is, reproduction and contraception — in middle school. It saved me the trouble of me explaining it to her, which would have been pretty hideous.

Now before you accuse me of being sexist, let me say in my defense… “Love” is the cleanest four-letter word boys know, and they don’t learn to use it properly until they’re middle-aged, if they’re lucky.