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The horn sounded three times per day, announcing meals, everything was discussed, in between some relays for the watch shifts at the barricades.

Si continúas navegando, consideramos que aceptas su uso.What to say of the crazy collective laughter at the cops’ total incomprehension faced with our silence (above all when they gave us an injunction in the name of Gab Luneau). We faced our share of pitfalls, tears, questioning, doubts, and tense moments, but however this story ends, victory is already ours.To have opened a world of possibilities in so short a time, the ball is rolling for what comes next.I only want to share moments of an incredible power that will never be relayed by the media, but that were quite real.The view was stunning from Galt 5 (transformed by Junex into a wasteland of gravel and drilling residues), from the top of the mountain surrounded by dense forest, and the daily life among admirable people was gentle.The only interview we accepted to give to Radio-Canada and which you surely haven’t heard about, went as follows: (sung perfectly falsely) Junex and all the others, go fuck yourself, you will never find us, and we will not let you go.

Freddy, our thoughts and all of our respect are with you.

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    However, it was the articles and books written by the CIO/Controlled Crying advocates that really cemented my belief that sleep-training babies is wrong. I am one of those people who NEEDS sleep, and having two children who didn’t (and don’t) seem to need much has been difficult and has shown me sides of myself that I don’t much care for.