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For him, watching Janet with someone else — even a stripper for hire — was a turn-on. The rest of the vacation was charged in a way they hadn't experienced in a while."We couldn't keep our hands off each other," says Eric.

He comes off as strong and straightforward — maybe it's his military background — as he slips his arm around Janet and looks adoringly at her.We joked that I should answer the door in a long hippie dress," says Janet Williams*, who's wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I step into the living room of her suburban Orlando home. " says her husband, Eric, who looks like he's dressed for a round of golf in a polo shirt and shorts.They're low-key and welcoming, even though I'm here to grill them about what they do naked: specifically, getting intimate with other couples at swingers parties."The idea of someone finding out really does scare me," says Janet. We follow the rules." Neither one has ever tried drugs, and most nights they're in bed by 10 p.m. "It sounds crazy when we look at it from the perspective of the typical married couple," agrees Janet.Not even their closest friends are privy to their swinging lifestyle. But they've inched their way into it, she says; after two-plus years of swingers parties, they're just now starting to contemplate actual intercourse with other people (so far, they've engaged in oral sex and foreplay).Watch our breathtaking free mature Amature Interracial porn tube videos online - you can lose control of the throbbing monster in your pants!

Those are not mere allegations - we know what we say because we understand how thrilling all our xxx movies are!"Eric doesn't always show appreciation for me," she says. "It was Eric's idea, but I was on board," Janet says."He says he it, but that doesn't do me much good." Eventually, though, they burnt out on Adult Friend Finder. She and Eric hammered out ground rules: no kissing other people, no doing anything without checking with the other person first, and always staying together."We could see how many people were watching, and they would leave comments raving about Janet's body," says Eric."I never thought I'd be turned on by other men seeing my wife nude, but I really was." Janet was aroused by the attention as well.They're willing to let me share everything except their real names and address, in order to protect their identities.

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