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It's not the reason that I write or I produce or anything else." THAT OTHER MOVIE: "The David Cassidy Story" is the second TV movie this season to look back at "The Partridge Family." ABC aired "C'mon Get Happy" -- which portrayed Cassidy as rather petulant, difficult and whiny -- back on Halloween. "My brother Shaun called me and said, 'I could only watch about a half an hour.' He said it was so incredibly bad. "It was done totally as a commercial network ratings attempt to steal the thunder from NBC.I think they felt that had the legitimacy of having Danny Bonaduce be a part of it," he said.

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After all, it was Cassidy who persuaded Bonaduce to work up a stand-up comedy act and open for him after one of the younger man's infamous arrests a few years ago. And I don't say this because I'm boasting about it, but I love the guy. "It was really great to see him again." One person he hasn't had any contact with is Susan Dey, who reportedly is angry because he revealed in his autobiography that they once spent the night together.

"I haven't spoken to her since we did the MTV Awards together eight, nine years ago," Cassidy said. I don't know, just be gracious enough to acknowledge it to the rest of the world.

"He'd had a little glimpse of that." What the real Cassidy and the faux Cassidy don't share is a musical background. "I thought he made me look good," Cassidy said with a laugh.

Maryse Ouellet is currently married to Mike Mizanin.

Still, he wasn't happy with the way he heard he was portrayed in "C'mon Get Happy." "Maybe that was Danny's take. "I mean, I was the only person who called Danny Bonaduce when he got busted about seven, eight years ago and offered him a job when he was in jail. Maybe it was the network trying to diminish me knowing that NBC was doing a movie. "I think he was embarrassed about it because he knew what ABC's intention was and he knew why they did it." PLAYING DAVID CASSIDY: Cassidy admits he wasn't really aware of Andrew Kavovit before the 26-year-old actor was cast to play him in the TV movie -- casting that Cassidy himself approved -- but he's now one of his biggest fans. I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with him," he said.

And there are even some similarities in their backgrounds.

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He did write her a conciliatory letter a few years back. Neither has Shirley, neither has Danny, neither has any of them," he said. Not to me or Shirley or Dave Madden or Danny, but to all of the fans and people who loved her and loved the show." He acknowledged that he has been criticized for not wanting to do a "Partridge Family" reunion show of any kind.

And he's troubled by the fact that she refuses to participate in anything that has anything to do with "The Partridge Family." (Reportedly, she turned VH1 down flat when the cable channel asked for an interview for a "Partridge" documentary it's doing.) "I really feel badly that Susan Dey, for whatever her own personal reasons, can't embrace the fact that she was 16, 17 years old, and millions of people loved her for that," he said. "Forgive me, I just don't want to mess with what it is," he said.

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