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Book Tango also offers some paid services you can use if you’re not confident in making your ebook.Any ebook on Book Tango must have at least a 99 cent price tag, so free ebooks are not an option on this system.

One particular exchange stood out in my mind.“Why do you bother paying the higher rent for a downtown studio and store space? “Why not just build the furniture out at your farm? “My art is a business, and if you’re going to do business, you need to be where business is being done.”In other words, you go where what you are selling sells the best.

Blurb has long been the go-to for paper published books for artists and photographers.

It recently partnered with to get both print and ebooks listed on their site, coming out with revamped software (Book Wright) to help you create both ebooks and paper books.

You just have to wave the free ebook with its enticing headline and it’ll get the job done whether anyone reads it or not. That low barrier to entry, and the fact that the practice has become the standard MO of marketing blogs, means that there are a few great ebooks out there and a huge pile of not-so-great ebooks. I attended a lecture at an art fair several years back.

The artist presenting was a man who created large furniture pieces out of metal and driftwood.

Book Tango is a publisher and distributor that makes it easy to create and publish an ebook in several online stores.

Book Tango is probably a good solution for someone not tech savvy or comfortable with other ebook creation services, since it has an editing suite that you can use on your tablet in case you need to make some changes on the go.

I’m an old-school artist, so I hope not, but when it comes to our books…it seems like it is tilting that way.

Content marketers have to rejoice: Ebooks cost less to produce, are more portable, and can reach a wider audience with easy distribution.

Also, not everyone has had great success with flawlessly formatted ebooks that are run through the Smashwords converter.

You may want to use a different system to get a better ebook, and then use the Smashwords distribution network.

Perhaps I’m the only one who does this, but when I see a free ebook, my first reaction is to get it and “save it for later” which actually means “save it in my ebook folder and never read it because I have so many.” I forget what I have. They are everywhere, they are easy to create, and they are also sometimes easily ignored by people like me who are flooded with pop-ups and enticements to sign up and get a free ebook everywhere I go on the internet (heck, we do it here, too).

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