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that's in good condition, though looks like the sleeves lost some at the ends. Look at the close-up and lightened photos to see for yourself. But still looks fine as is, 3) as with many 1930's dresses, the seam thread has weakened over time, so best to get someone with a sewing machine to just go over all the seams.. ;) Sometimes my photos just don't do a piece justice. ), this one is as great as anything you would have seen worn on Downton Abbey or Titanic! As you can see, you might want to add a few more as it will gap open. Israel of Worcester, MA who (as you can see from his original calling card) was a Manufacturer of Ladies Underware, Wrappers and Tea Gowns. I just pinned it, but I have no sewing machine, and I don't know how to sew anyway, so you don't want me to try. This one is quite wearable and easier than the heavy beaded dresses. The worse are the small wear "holes" at the upper left back. one tiny old pull or repair on one sleeve, slight wear near the bottom of one sleeve, and three tiny "holes" at the back of the other side of the upper back. And there may be a few legs breaks in that one section of lace - over the pink velvet (see close-up photo).Those ties around the upper back come around and become the belt! Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 25" waist, up to 36" hips, 54" long from shoulder to hem (so it's for shorter gals). especially at the back skirt as they have already come undone. but I don't have a sewing machine and I'm all thumbs so I would probably sew the dress to my finger! For this rare red cotton net Edwardian beaded overdress I just didn't have the correct underdress, so forgive me. Incredibly great condition with only a few beads missing in the beaded fringe at the scalloped hemline. Just imagine this with long gloves and a large Edwardian hat. It's a sheer navy silk chiffon with blue and black beading throughout and open bell sleeves, low waistline, slight blouson shape, low attached black slip under that will show off your bustline. Now if this was mine, I would just wear some black silk flowers over that shoulder! Measures: 38" bust, waist and hips, 53" long from shoulder to hem. You will have to get quite close to smell anything, but it's there (I have a sensitive nose! These are all SOOOO minor that they are barely worth mentioning!!! Measures: up to 40" bust, up to 30" waist (28" inner waistband), 40" long skirt in front, 53" long in back. you gotta love the fact that this woman was of a "generous size" for someone from her generation! This blouse measures up to 45" bust, up to 32" waist, 15" long from shoulder to bottom.

The dress is sleeveless and has a slight Grecian feel with the open bust at front and large armholes The skirt are beaded panels over the plain silk lining It's a FABULOUS RUBY COLOR, but I can't seem to get my camera to color correct for this red. Measures: up to 40' bust, but these are meant to be worn large, so best for mannequin size of 35/36" bust. This is a tiny size bodice, however, there are pleats in the bodice, so.... here was have a slim-fitted 1930's gorgeous color ruby silk velvet coat with long sleeves. even though it needs to be reshaped as you can see from the photos. Love the other details like the ruching on the skirt sides, upper skirt and wide cuffs, the puffy sleeves, and the pigeon shape bodice front.Has the same low back, bias seaming, sash belt, and high/low hemline. However, even though this gown's interior seams edges are hand sewn, and it has the Made in France label... I'm not sure how it was originally worn, but here's an option. I didn't close the back neck as I didn't want to pull at it. one tiny tiny rust spot at upper right (see photo) and one small hole in the chiffon sleeve.. It could happen again, so get them while they are still reasonably priced . Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 25" waist, 55" long from shoulder to hem.Bows were worn in the front as well during the era. those chiffon sleeves were likely gathered with a thread, so if you do that, the hole will disappear. Under the brightest lights, you might want to give this dress one minor soak, but any issues are so minor as to be invisible.I will be looking over the piece in more detail in the next couple days to make sure it's as great as I think! It's a surprisingly large size with a 40" bust, 32" waist and 14" across back between armseams (usually that's 11-12" for antique gowns), 39" long skirt at front, 48" long skirt in back. HOWEVER, when you look more closely, you will discover that it's a fully embroidered paisley design. This one is a riding habit with the skirt that can be worn down as a skirt, or hiked up (as you see) with the silvertone skirt lifter (that came with it). There is one button missing as well (so I would move the top button down and wear a large pin (cameo) at the top buttonhole.... There is a handwritten tag inside that reads "Lepper Gardner".The mantle is trimmed in long multicolored silk chenille fringe. If you google that, there was a well-known artist and mapmaker in Maine with that name, so perhaps it came from her estate? The BOOTS will be sold SEPARATELY as they are quite special, would have been quite expensive when new and are certainly collectable.Comes with the original tie belt to tie with bow at back. Also, if you haven't seen 1930s silk velvet, you will be amazed at the sheen you will get from the light hitting it... Wear with or without the attached original sash belt (only held on by a few stitches). It's just so perfect, you have to wonder, but if so, it's perfectly done with the right fabric. Measures: up to 48" bust (so wrap as you wish), 46" long from shoulder to hem. It's as nearly perfect as any gown can be at 110 years old! The bodice yoke and mid-sleeves are completely lace.

Great shape of skirt which flairs out with vertical lace at the thigh to the bottom. And the best news is it is in EXCELLENT condition and in a VERY WEARABLE SIZE! hen I first started collecting antique and vintage clothing, I started with white Edwardian gowns. Boat neckline, 1/2 sleeves, horizontal bands of open cutwork and embroidery, tiny lace at waist (though I would cover with colored sash - because I just love that look), fitted through upper leg and then gathered to lower skirt with the same cutwork, embroidery, lace and horizontal pleating. Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 24" waist, 54" long from shoulder to hem Great for a display piece in your room (yes, I used to just hang these pieces on a padded hanger, and then use a simple push pin in my walls to display! This piece has fairly thin cotton fabric, so you can wear as it's currently in Excellent condition, but wear with care. Also has a lovely long satin "sash" hanging at the side with black passementerie. It's the softest velvet I have ever felt (and I've touched a LOT of antique and vintage velvets! Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 37" hips, 52" long from shoulder to hem. You will need just a bit of sewing under the Chantilly lace (see photos)... The exterior 2 layers of Chantilly Lace is in great condition!! ;) At first glance, you will believe this to be a black velvet coat embroidered with gold lame, but at closer inspection, you will see that this is actually a 1920's gold painted velvet coat! The coat came without the black fox fur collar, but I'm selling it with the coat as it's crying out for that option to wear it either way!!!! There is no closure on the front, but you could certainly simply add a button and a loop at the waist and one at top. John Wanamaker's was one of the earliest department stores. Now I'm not a lace expert, but this lace looks like handmade Duchesse to my untrained eye.Also there are some old threads on the sash, which make me wonder if it was originally somehow attached to the gown.. But then again, they were tiny people with 18" waists and 10" shoulder span, so... if you have a display of hats and boots (as I used to! I have one of these in my own closet which I wear wear jeans or other casual items to dress them up! The black silk thin patterned velvet coat is in great condition! this is one of the bodices I would certainly have selected. It's not totally perfect as there are minor underarm stains (see photos), but you don't see those unless you look. And a slight discoloration at the upper right bodice and might need a few hooks/eyes. It was SO fabulous that I had the local Boston ABC-TV station and Boston Globe newspaper Sunday section to photograph my room! Often these Edwardian white dresses were worn by various family members and often they were lengthened or shortened with horizontal pleating as you want to keep the pretty lace hemlines intact. and perhaps those people have the "magic" (sewing skills) that I don't have...I have trouble sewing on a button.which would also help explain why the sash wasn't lost over the last nearly 90 years. if you can prove this to be a designer gown, you win! ) you will know just how pretty these things look sitting on lace and ribbons. The only thing are the creases at the front toes which could probably be made to practically disappear with some black shoe polish (but I leave things as I find them for those who prefer that! These boots have a sticker on the bottom with the manufacturer and date as it's hard to read the gold company logo inside the top of the boot (see photo). I have no idea what town, or country for that matter! Certainly it's also great to wear with an early 1900s linen skirt as well to create a glorious walking suit. The pattern in the velvet can only be seen under certain lights, otherwise it just looks like a solid black velvet. And just a slight bit of dust/dirt at the front waist... For this dress, the only place to shorten is at the waist, so that's what was done. Just don't stress antique fabrics, so wear your spanx bodysuit. I still want to sell items that are in good enough condition that it will survive many more years with care. I have had this gown in my own collection since 1996! Sheer chiffon at yoke and sleeves are covered with beading.Gown measures up to 34" bust (small cup size), up to 35" hips, 45" - 68" long from shoulders to hems, 70" long sash. First things first, the white ermine fur on this coat needs to be replaced. Measures: 33" bust, 24" waist, though will probably fit a 31" bust better as it's a small back. The only issue is that there is one small section at the side that was repaired (old repair) with a piece of material taken from the extra material turned over inside the waistline.The condition is great with a few minor spots here and there (see photos) and just a bit of wear at the mid sash (see photos). It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern. Again, I used to buy lovely bodices like this and hung them on a padded hanger and then used a simple push pin and hung them all over my walls in my bedroom!!! So the dress used to be longer, and likely had a bit of a train. I get a lot of people asking for gowns that perhaps aren't in perfect condition as it keeps the price affordable...She wasn't old enough for it to be hers, but may have been collected by her? They came with the outfit, so you may want to purchase them with the habit. MEASUREMENTS: Bodice measures 32" bust, 12" across back, 24" waist. The lovely yellow printed silk is in quite good condition (with the exception of a hole at the front skirt and one on one sleeve, and minor underarm discoloration (see photos).