Are john cena and aj dating

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And then, you get to WWE and I think that bundle of responsibility that you talked about also includes using your skills to tell those stories to a general public, a global mass, who [say], 'oh man, I'll see what's on WWE tonight.I'll see what's on RAW or Smack Down tonight,' not necessarily that pro wrestling fan that'll tune into everything because they love everything and they love everything pro wrestling.

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During the fascinating interview, Cena shared some insight into many pro wrestling topics including working with AJ Styles, helping to showcase performers, why so many performers struggle when they transition to WWE, Shinsuke Nakamura's early struggles on Smack Down Live, "complacency" in the WWE locker room, bringing out the best in his opponents, and the perception of burying talent.You’d have to say at the moment that Smackdown is consistently knocking that ball out of the park.Come Sunday, the blue brand gets the first chance of either roster to put on a pay-per-view show of their own, and while many of the matches are building towards bigger things at Wrestlemania in April, each bout in its own right should be a good watch.A big part of James returning will be to put over the developing talent on the roster – I don’t see Lynch winning clean straight away but this has the potential to be the women’s match of the night.Nikki Bella and Natalya meet after the two squared off in a war of words this week, while the trash-talking Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss defends her title against Naomi.Like, I know Chris [Jericho] worked with AJ before, but I don't think he really got a proper chance.

He debuted at the [Royal] Rumble and didn't really do much.

It would also be wrong to overlook the part to be played in this by the likes of the Corbin, who has been pushed hard in recent weeks.

Orton busies himself on the night with a filler match against Luke Harper – Wyatt has publicly praised the work-rate and adaptability of the latter recently, but you would expect Orton to have enough momentum to win this one.

For WWE fans who prefer their wrestling to their general entertainment, this Sunday’s Smackdown Live Elimination Chamber event looks a dead cert to deliver.

The company is an entertainment brand and, as an all-round package, you can’t argue with what it presents week in, week out, but there are many a purist who still relish in a good grappling contest, and the in-ring side of what WWE offers.

I think it's just generally assessing your playing field.

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