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The Peronists take their turn at trying to tame a crisis that has left the country perilously close to defaulting on its $132 billion debt burden.Senate Leader Ramon Puerta was in line to take over today as interim president until a special legislative assembly decides whether to call new elections within months.

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With chaos on the streets, De la Rua made a final bid to hold onto his presidency, calling for the opposition to join a national unity government.

The women then began rising and advancing towards their audience, ending the flash mob with a long, angry scream. C), meaning “artistic force of communicative shock” in Spanish, a team of activist artists formed last year.

The flash mob was the latest protest organized by a collective known as Fuerza Artística de Choque Comunicativo (F. The 120 women who participated in Tuesday’s flash mobs were meant to represent the victims of violence against women and girls, 133 just in 2016.

Before De la Rua's resignation, a senior White House official said President George W.

Bush's administration would wait for the dust to settle before deciding what, if any, action to take to help Argentina recover. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said the Bush administration, the IMF and the World Bank would continue working with Argentina to pull it back from the brink of economic collapse.

The heliport hadn't been used by a departing leader since Isabel Peron was pushed out in a 1976 coup.

The collapse appeared to end a gruelling political crisis that began more than a year ago with the resignation De la Rua's vice president, Carlos Alvarez.Scores of people, weeping from acrid tear gas, fled with rubber bullet wounds. Protesters called for De la Rua to step onto the balcony and face the people, shouting, "Come out! " The shutters stayed shut, and the palace was surrounded by iron barricades and scores of riot police.De La Rua declared a state of siege late on Wednesday, assuming increased powers to quell the two days of unrest.Earlier in the day, the capital's streets looked like a battleground.Fires smouldered and smoke curled over the Plaza de Mayo outside the ornate pink government palace as thousands gathered to vent anger over the economy and call for De la Rua's ouster.Her death in April moved Argentina, where the “Not one less” (“Ni una menos” in Spanish) protest movement that began began in 2015 before spreading across Latin America and the world.

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