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They will be banded as well as receive check-ups to ensure that everyone is growing and doing well.This information helps biologists to better monitor Idaho's population of Peregrine Falcons and ensure the overall health of the species.

Falcons can be a bit messy, but if we were to go up and clean the lens right now, it would disturb the parents and nest.We're not sure why it was repositioned and do not have control over that aspect of the set-up, but will do our best to switch it back quickly so that you can see the chicks again! June 2 You've probably started to notice that the chicks are not always in view of the camera now.They've become much more active and mobile the past few days and now spend time running around the nest ledge.In addition, we are looking at options to host another camera again in the future.Thank you so much for all of your support and understanding and we look forward to sharing the Bosch Kestrel Cam and other future web camera opportunities with you soon!April 2017 We are sad to announce that we will not be hosting the downtown Boise Peregrine Falcon web camera this season.

We know how much everyone loves to watch the family fledge chicks every year, and hope that you will also enjoy watching our family of American Kestrels again this spring as they raise their chicks just south of Boise.June 27 We have received confirmation that all of the chicks have successfully fledged the nest!We wanted to thank all of you for watching the Falcon Cam this season and please come visit us at The World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho this summer! We are working to get the camera position changed back to the nesting platform.We are also working with the Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge who have been setting up a Peregrine Falcon web camera in the refuge for live-streaming.Once that goes online we will notify you so that you can watch that falcon family grow.Because of this activity, the camera will be turned off for a short period of time this morning.