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Ford received 80,000 votes from the "Downtown 13" wards, or 20% of his total votes. After his DUI conviction became public, his share of the vote increased 10%.After it was revealed he was banned from high school coaching, he raised For the Executive Committee of City Council, Ford named councillors who had endorsed him in his campaign.

During the first year in office, Council mostly endorsed Ford's proposals.John Tory succeeded him as mayor on December 1, 2014, while Ford regained his former seat.Ford received treatment for the cancer, and was able to return briefly to City Hall, but died in March 2016 after chemotherapy was ineffective.He dreamed of becoming a professional football player, and his father paid for him to attend special camps of the Washington Redskins and the University of Notre Dame.After graduating from high school, Ford went to Carleton University in Ottawa to study political science.The voter turnout was around 52% of registered voters, the highest in Toronto's post-amalgamation history.

Ward-by-ward electoral results showed that Ford had won all of the former pre-amalgamation suburbs, while Smitherman topped districts in the pre-amalgamation Toronto districts.He made the football squad, but did not play in any games.He left Carleton after one year to return to Toronto and did not complete his degree.Ford first ran for Toronto City Council in 1997, placing fourth to Gloria Lindsay Luby in Ward 3 Kingsway-Humber.Ford ran for councillor in Ward 2 Etobicoke North in the following election in 2000, getting the endorsement of the Toronto Star.For the inauguration ceremony at the first meeting of the new council, Ford had television commentator Don Cherry introduce him and put the chain of office on him. Cherry described how Ford had reversed a mistake of city staff cutting down a tree of a Toronto property owner for no good reason and then billing the property owner, who suffered from Alzheimer's.