Back dating checks

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Back dating checks

You can take a check by phone from your customers by inbound or outbound call.

Supermarket vouchers and top ups for pre-paid energy meters are provided to meet these needs.

Once you finish completing the main screen, you can print the draft of your phone check immediately. Taking checks by phone is the most popular because you can get impulse sales, take immediate collections, cater to non-credit card customers and there are no special procedures or cumbersome documentation requirements. For additional information about taking checks by phone, see the FAQ page.

Just follow the prompts tab by tab and ask the check by phone customer the questions as they appear.

Check Writer, so should you happen to transpose the routing number and account number when taking a check by phone, or if you get the routing number wrong completely, the built in validation script will let you know.

This can help to keep a record of how the transaction was initiated in case the customer has questions in the future.

This way, you don't need to double-type the details, and there is less room for human error.

Over the phone, take the customer's name and/or company name and address that is printed on their check, then ask for the check number (optional), the 9 digit Phone checks are easy to process and require only verbal authorization from the customer. software, you can enter this information into the main screen of the software while you are on the phone.

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