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For more than a thousand years there has been debate over this question.Top authors and scholars from medieval times were furious about the fables that sprang up around the name of Arthur, the historical Romano-British king from the 5th Century.

She was often associated with scheming and mischief but never turns entirely evil.

In Welsh poems he was a prophetic Wild Man living in the Caledonian forest in the 6th century.

Other Scottish sources name this Wild Man as Lailoken, not Myrddin, but the story is similar.

Excalibur, to them, was a "brand of light" and associated with Aaron's Rod.

Just as only Aaron or Moses could activate the powers in the rod, so only Arthur could pull Excalibur from the stone.

Arthur has a kingly lion, while Lancelot has the Piscean opposing fish imagery since he came across the water and had the conflict of being both Arthur's most loyal knight, but also having betrayed him by having an affair with Guinevere, the queen he was appointed to protect.

In real life, the heraldic crests were the symbols of family groups and had other definite meanings.Yet another source tells us the name Excalibur comes from Greek origins, Ex-Kylie-Pyr or "out of a cup~fire".That the Holy Grail was one of the items the ancient gods used to draw down the Sun in order to make fire.One story tells us Caliburn comes from Caledfwlch, the original Welsh name for the sword, from the Mabinogion.It is also considered to be an incarnation of Caladbolg, a sword wielded by several figures from Irish mythology.These and the Welsh monk Nennius, Myrddin and Ambrosius evolved into Merlin as the prophet and wizard popularly associated with the Arthurian legends.