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He was the last owner to live on his estate and his bungalow in Makabari was possibly the last to be overflowing with family treasures.(Estate owners mostly live in Kolkata and rent out their British-era bungalows to tourists.)Earlier this year, the storied planter chose to hang up his boots after his bungalow at the estate was gutted.

His 670-hectare estate, straddling six separate ridges, was the first in Darjeeling to go organic back in 1988. That was the key to establishing Darjeeling as a premium brand of tea in Europe after the erstwhile Soviet Union broke up and the industry started to hunt for new buyers.

Four more years of agitation and uncertainty led to the formation of Gorkha Territorial Administration in 2012 with greater autonomy and financial backing, but it, too, failed within five years.

Looking back, both Gorkha leaders and the administration say experiments with incremental autonomy have failed miserably.

The standoff is not ending anytime soon, and each time it has intensified it has taken a huge toll on Darjeeling’s fragile economy.

The British secured Darjeeling on lease from the princely state of Sikkim in 1835 for its “cool climate”, or so says the deed of transfer.

Back in 2014, Banerjee sold a majority stake in Makaibari Tea and Trading Co.

to Chatterjee but carried on as its chairman, helming day-to-day operations at the estate from the back of his thoroughbreds.A 20-year experiment with the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council ended in 2008, following which Darjeeling descended into chaos again.Clearly, the aspirations of the Gorkha community were not fulfilled and the demand for a separate state was revived.We bring you 10 things women love but are too afraid to ask!Swaraj Kumar Banerjee, better known as Rajah, has descended to the plains handing the reins of his ancestral Makaibari tea estate, where he was born, to a new generation entrepreneur, Rudra Chatterjee, 30 years his junior.Estates such as Tukvar, Aloobarie, Lebong, Margaret’s Hope, Ambootia and Badamtam are of similar vintage.