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Although science has overwhelmingly accepted Charles Darwin's 19th-century theory of genetic evolution by natural selection, the concept still has its doubters.

"What is different with our study," says Milot, "is we follow the change from one generation to another in the population.

Among the winged competitors were 'Feather Duster,’ 'I'll Hatch Another,' 'Nom De Plumage,' and 'She's Got Legs,' but it was 'Don't Call Me Emu' ridden by jockey Jeff Jerman that raced to victory on Saturday, according to the Pacific Coast News.

The unusual contest that sent hearts aflutter on the Fair Ground stands was held as part of a 12-day equestrian event for quarter horses – a unique breed of animals noted for their smaller stature that specialize in sprinting short distances, the While ostrich-racing is far from a mainstream sport awash in endorsement deals and ESPN specials, the practice is common in Africa, where the flightless birds are ridden in the same way as horses, with special saddles and reins.

But the scientific community treats evolution as an established fact.

By the way, just for fun, we had to ask: What about super powers?

He made a run for it down the road and we had to wait for the police to corner it and bring it back.'He later added: 'The people of Warminster can relax.

'There was a sudden explosion in the number of people entering this business, and there was an oversupply in the market,' vice president of the Emu Farmers Welfare Association Purshotam Rao told Businessweek.

Ordinary people evolve to have extraordinary capabilities on TV shows like “Heroes” and movies like the "X-Men" franchise.

In real life, people don’t have genetic mutations that give rise to wings or telepathy, but scientists say human evolution is still happening.

Better hygiene, vaccines and medicine that allow more infants to survive, he says, are likely linked to ongoing evolution among the women on Ile aux Coudres who had children earlier with each successive generation.

But why does the study consider the mother's age at first birth a genetic trait rather than a cultural one?

Come indulge your curiosity in all things space and science related, brought to you by the entire CNN family.

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