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While scrolling, the pages which goes out of the screen will be destroyed in destroy Item(View Group, int, Object) method. get Count() returns the number of items which will be shown in the View Pager. is View From Object(View, Object) method checks whether the Object returned from instantiate Item(View Group, int) method is linked to the View supplied here.Note: In Pager Adapter, Pager Fragment Adapter and Pager Fragment State Adapter, the Views or Fragments are recognised by a key Object not by their index or position in the adapter.

It is used in conjunction with Pager Adapter, Fragment Pager Adapter or Fragment State Pager Adapter.If the value equals what you want then run the worlflow. If the email is being received with any modification then you have got your flow wrong.Martin's solution is very straightforward but you can also expand on this by using content types to allow for an approval process that performs another action. I want to trigger a workflow only when a value is updated in a list item, but not everytime the item is changed.For example I have a column for approve/not approve and I want that to be the trigger not the other values in the item.So if anything else is changed the workflow will not start unless the 'approval' value is. Thanks, Check if the two values are not equal to each other, and if the updated value is equal to "approve".

If both are true, start a workflow on the list item programmatically- here are some links to help you with that: coding!

*/ @Override public int get Item Position(Object object) This method tells the adapter to force out of sync fragments to recreate its view hierarchy again(in case of Fragment Pager Adapter) or destroy fragments and recreate it(in case of Fragment State Pager Adapter and Pager Adapter) or tells that the position and state of the active page(s) are appropriate and it doesn’t need to be updated.

If we pass the data to the fragment using set Argument(Bundle), event if we force fragment to recreate its view hierarchy, it will show the old data which we have passed earlier using set Argument() method.

We attach adapter consisting of either Fragment objects or simple View objects.

Note: You can download source code of a sample application from here to run the android application. It keeps maximum three views in memory, one which is currently visible, one which is left and one is right of the visible item.

Fragment State Pager Adapter differs from the Fragment Pager Adapter only in one way that it destroys the fragments which are going off the screen.