Cacti graphs stopped updating

28-Jan-2019 00:10 by 9 Comments

Cacti graphs stopped updating

With Christmas fast approaching, it'll probably be end of next week before I have a chance to look at it again. Everything I was seeing (this issue, and possibly one or two other oddities) are resolved and I'm not seeing any strange behavior anymore. I was actually having some real difficulty looking at some graphs that I really needed to see.UPDATE: I am revisiting this article as it is a few years old now.

Hint, you will need php5.6, not php7.0, as it seems Cacti is broken on php7.0 How to install Cacti on Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Wheezy if you are unsure of your Raspberry Pi’s IP address Log in the with a username/password of admin.

Selecting over 1700 graphs and setting to revoke access under Graph Perms tab just kills the page.

Also shouldn't be allowed to see all the devices in the drop down under graph preview filters, I don't see any graphs but seeing all the devices listed is a no no as a standard user.

You will be required to change this password immediately.

Make sure all of the path variables show found on the following screen.

Then when you first hit next, it doesn't actually move forward until you click it a second time.

If you use a smaller selection, (ie, 10 per page) does that happen? I also noticed, if I click into the URL and hit return, it resets back to page one, which suggests that it is down to the large URL being used.Using just 10 items selected, click on View, it shows the 10 graphs.Reduce that to 4 graphs in the filters section and it correctly shows It may be a similar issue that I've fixed before where the URL parameters are kind of ignored when they shouldn't be. Though I did notice that no URL differences where noticable during my quick test so tomorrow I will have to see if it's a combination of using the AJAX calls not updating the local URL or parameter properly.Time to brush up on my javascript skills and see what else is going on.Hmm, yeah I haven't actually had the courage to go back and check this yet.After allowing Cacti to complete a few polls you should have some thing like this: These instructions are specific to Raspberry Pi’s latest distro, however should work for any Linux distro with some slight variables here and there.