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Even the £1.3m given to Charles Haughey by Ben Dunne the trigger for the lawyers' appearance in court that day was knocked into a cocked hat by the staggering £5.9m price tag on their neighbour's house at Number 1 on Sorrento Terrace.A price which will undoubtedly enhance the value of their own properties.

Six of the houses are family homes, with children ranging from a three-month old baby, in Robin Power's at Number 8, to teenagers.Once described as ``the Heathcliffe of the Irish film industry,'' Jordan's neighbours respect him as ``a serious artist''.Among the trophies in the Oscar-winning director's house is the De Sica which he won for Mona Lisa, appropriately at the Sorrento Film Festival.Sorrento Terrace, however, has managed to remain aloof from the Paddywoodery of its surroundings.Located on the easternmost end of Dalkey's heritage village, the row of eight four-storey houses with wraparound sea views has traditionally been an oasis of professional class anonymity.His wife, Glynis Robins, a designer of gossamer knitwear and aestheticjewellery, has shops in Roundstone and Dalkey village.

The easy relationships that prevail on the terrace were captured some time ago when two adjoining houses were thrown open on the same night for separate parties: Neil Jordan's at Number 6 and the Clarkes at Number 5.On the Dublin Riviera, which caresses the coastline from Bulloch Harbour and the length of the salubrious Vico Road, property price records have been spinning like skittles in the last three years.International celebrities with multimillion pound credit ratings rooted in platinum discs, Oscar statuettes and Formula One overdrive have colonised the beauty spot, pushing up values with unprecedented prices.Mount Mapas, a Victorian villa on Vico Road, was sold last autumn for £2.3m, while the Donegal-born singer, Enya the world's biggest-selling female vocalist paid £2.5m for Ayesha Castle.Scattered along the golden mile or two dubbed Bel Eire are Bono, Van Morrison, Eddie Irvine, Damon Hill, Lisa Stansfield, Gloria Hunniford, Maeve Binchy, Chris de Burgh and the film-making brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen.Colm Barrington and his wife, Maryrose Cruess Callaghan, who live in Number 4, are actually adjoined by lawyers on both sides.