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I can guarantee you that 100% after seeing hundreds of online dating profile examples myself.Why did I go through the trouble of looking at all those profiles?

If you say you want a relationship but don’t settle for less, you’re hard to get as well. Lying is for dumb asses who want to get rejected: Just as some women lie about their age, weight, height, whether they wear glasses or not and other stuff… Look, I can imagine that you’re insecure about your looks sometimes and that you think a white lie here and there will help you meet hot chicks online. What would you do if you got an email from a drop dead gorgeous babe who wants to meet you, then you meet her and you find out it’s a Nigerian scammer who wants to scam you out of your money with a story about their uncle’s will you and her can’t access unless you pay her 2000 bucks? Pay the bills, make dinner, that lame desk job at that stupid company, and so on.

I’m a dating coach, so I’m supposed to check them out to look for opportunities that help you succeed with women online.

Anyways, some of the mistakes I’ve almost always seen when I was looking for online dating profile examples were: – Boring profile descriptions that mention all kinds of awesome character traits without proof – Photos with red eyes, of an awful clothing style, of drunken parties, or worse – And the list goes on and on Don’t be one of those losers who shows up in my online dating profile examples as a guy who just doesn’t “get it.” Don’t be someone who isn’t successful with meeting women online and will probably never be.

The only thing you want your profile to do is grab her attention and leave her wanting more.

Then you get her number and go on a date, so she can get herself some more. Interest women enough with it to reply to your message, but don’t overdo it.

Manage women’s expectations: Maybe you want to meet your future wife on Facebook or on, or maybe you’re just looking to get laid.

Either way, you will hurt women’s feelings when you admit later on that you only wanted to have fun and not a relationship.

And that means that once you use my online dating profile examples, ALL OF THEM, whenever you’re meeting women online?

That’s how many mistakes are made on online dating profiles!

I can almost hear you think: “How can I pull that off?!

” Simple: check out and freaking use as many of my 17 online dating profile examples that DO work!

Those links are very important, because search engines and the users are reaching those links.

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