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Black History Month (BHM) at Wesleyan has been a huge success with a number of well attended events that discussed various issues within the Black Community and celebrated black culture.Historically, BHM has been an active time for members of the black community to pause and reflect on the progress that has been made and the progress that has yet to occur. 1st Black History Month kicked off with convocation, featuring renowned community activist and director of trauma services at the Boston Public Health, keynote speaker Courtney Grey.

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Throughout the brunch, additional speakers featured were Alumni Nyasha Foy ’06-Chair of Wesleyan’s Black Alumni Council-Senior Aissa Gueye '15 and Freshman Victoria King '18. 6-8th On the weekend of February 7th twenty Wes students traveled to Smith College for the Young Gifted & Black conference.

The weekend consisted of workshops, networking and bonding with other students and graduates of color.

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Showing clips from Empire, Black-ish, Shondaland and The Nightly Show hosts lead a discussion delving into question such as, how Black representation on television both creates space for new understandings of the lived experiences of Black people while also falling back into worn out tropes. Shade of Us- Feb 19th A discussion and workshop orchestrated for black and brown male and female identified individuals to have an open dialogue about why the fostering of negative stereotypes based off skin tones is so prevalent in our community.

How do we tackle these mindsets on Wesleyan's campus, in our homes and in the workplace?

Lives beyond magazine covers and murders that don't reach the news, this event propelled and expanded Wesleyan’s #BLACKLIVESMATTERSJubilee Feb.

28th The finale of Black History Month came with Ujamma’s annual BHM cultural show!

Some of the questions provoked included, How do different spaces shape our relationships to power? Downer- Practicing adolescent and adult psychiatrist and Wesleyan alumna from the class of '89- Lynna Zhong’ 15- Research assistant at the Community Health Center- majoring in government & pre-med along with Chelsea Amo-Tweneboah ‘15- majoring in chemistry and pre-med. 26th The social death panel was the first in the Social Death and Survival: Race/Sex/Gender/Vulnerability Series.

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