Cbs rejects gay dating commercial

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Cbs rejects gay dating commercial - consolidating pdf files

But controversial ads have become the most prevalent way to drawn-out Super Bowl exposure.

Two more would-be Super Bowl advertisers, Jesus Hates and Ashley, were rejected for this year's game.

"People watch the game just to see the ad they've heard so much about, then go to the website to see the others afterwards.

It's all about buzz."Some companies or groups are getting the buzz without the ad.

(AP Photo/Focus on the Family)This 2009 ad by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for the 2009 Super Bowl was rejected.

The ad featured scantily clad women interacting with vegetables and the tagline Studies show vegetarians have better sex." Screen still from You Tube Fox has rejected a 2011 Super Bowl ad from Ashley, an online dating service for those looking to have an affair.

Jesus and Obama bobblehead dolls duke it out, an almost-nude model caresses a pumpkin, and Mickey Rooney does the unthinkable.

Watch these and other ads that won’t make it to game day.

The ad features Savanna Samson, who catches her husband cheating on her then imagines herself with everyone in the office.

Screen still taken from You Tube Fox has rejected this 2011 Super Bowl ad from conservative comedy site Jesus Hates

"The million price tag buys you more than 30 seconds in the Internet age."The Web has transformed the approach to Super Bowl ads in many ways.

The head of Pepsi's digital media arm, Shiv Singh, classified Super Bowl ads as a "deeply social experience" that incorporates multiple media platforms.

6, 2010, Go Girl Jillian Michaels, Fitness trainer & "Biggest Loser" celebrity, is seen during the filming production of the 2010 Super Bowl television commercial for "Go" at the Delfino Studios in Sylmar, Calif.