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It happens to be so that archeologists from the university have made a great discovery and your professor wants to talk you about it.At this point, your way of living changes dramatically.

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However, you should not be worried, as you do Planet X has a contorted path coming to its current position - a creep past the Sun and thence outbound.List of changes between Betas 3.0 and 3.1 The levels of the pokemon that trainers use have been decreased New battle sprites for Goon and Guardian have been added (Created by Poketto) Mom's has been completely redone, and she can now also save your money Bicycle has been replaced with Running Shoes (which leads to bugs for those who still have their Bicycle from Beta 3.0) (Credit goes to Koolboyman for this add-on) The Key delivery -quest between Greenwood Town and Milky Village has been altered to make it more obvious how to progress further in game Pokemon can now be encountered by Headbutting trees as well Bulbasaur's moveset has been changed back to normal (Learns Vine Whip at lv10 & Sleep Powder at lv15) Player mentions the Sweater shouldn't be returned right away after receiving it You've more money to start with than before & Prices of Town Map and Signet have been decreased Goons have a new overworld sprite Gentlemen wear black suits instead of white (during battle) Sun Stone can be bought in the market in Argent Warehouse Several bug fixes:-When Bulbasaur evolves, its gender won't change like it might have in the earlier version-The things that gym trainers say, after their leader has been defeated, have been changed for the ones that required it-If TM Sandstorm wasn't picked in Deep Cavern before a certain happening, it could have been seen in the rocks-One cutscene was buggy if the player was riding a bike during it-Text bug with Ancient Power has been fixed-A minor bug with Theresa's has been fixed Info Info I love this game a lot but i want some changes in it One the poke market under construction should be completed and the evolve able pokemon level should be given in pokedex all types of pokemon should available in map even gym leader and other oponent hve Well , I'm years old I have a job and earning money but still playing pokemon , I'm kinda addict to this game so please launch the complete version .I took particular note of the Zetas decription of the tsunami effects in Europe on the back of the adjustment expected in the New Madrid fault which is one of the possible 'shocking' events predicted to happen before the end of the year.So what will your warning for the European tsunami be, given that the UK will be so heavily hit?Quake monitoring stations on the Atlantic Rift will show that large quakes have occurred in places along the rift, almost simultaneously.The Capital is the biggest city of a planet called Suden where the story takes place.

One day, you're woken up to get to the school immediately.Tsunami buoys are helpful, but primarily it will be ships out to sea who will notice a large and rapidly moving wave. This set of crop circles is presenting, to mankind, an obvious scenario of clashes, planetary clashes.Look at them visually, as Nancy had laid them out in a line, and what do you see?We have repeatedly explained how Planet X and the Earth are in a dither with each other, complicated by the presence of Venus and the Dark Twin in the cup. They dither, bounce off one another's magnetic fields, ricochet around, and do this so often it looks and behaves like a type of vibration.On the previous ZT you advised someone to be at least 100 miles away from volcanoes, and on ZT website it says all volcanoes will have activity.I'm struggling to find a place far enough from volcanoes, the place I was looking at was above the clump in the photo below in Victoria by 60-90miles.

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