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One of the two young girls asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom before filming started. Don't let her sit, ordered Jackie referring to me, We don't want to have to wait for any pressure marks to go. They then further brushed my rather wild brown locks till they shone and crackled with static, and gathered them into a ponytail.

We had remained close friends even in the final years when it was clear that I was the clever one and she seemingly destined for no great achievement. Two operating individual cameras, and one on sound. And the girls she had were always so incredibly beautiful. Ordinarily I had never asked and never would ask Jackie for money. I sat bolt upright as I felt the warm pretty soft hands of the sexy pretty girls on my knees. They lifted my arms back by the elbows and insisted firmly by their actions that I keep them on the table. KATRINA'S TAMING (by Eve Adorer) Chapter 2 Katrina is Made Ready Arriving back at my apartment from the Longing Alms, I threw off my soiled clothes and took the longest shower of my life to wash the sweet girl-sweat from my body. I felt deep shame at this latter thought, and yet that shame started the girl-juice in my cunt again. I settled for a white vest, blue denim skirt and almost heel-less open toe summer sandals. My nipples were eye-catchingly obvious where they pushed out the thin fabric. For heaven's sake, why was I only thinking of sex all the time?Synopsis: Katrina will lose all she owns unless she can get a massive loan. Me, I wanted none of that and had gently but firmly declined her when, in our later teens, she'd grabbed me at the end of one of our drunken nights out. At eighteen I was (and still am) five feet seven, 115 pounds, with a 36D; 24, 37 figure, light brown hair, and very dark brown eyes.A long time girlfriend comes to the rescue at a price. A highly intelligent super fit strong-willed outdoor free spirit and sportsgirl, Katrina must submit to being tamed. I only want a kiss you goodnight, she'd say, but I knew full well it was not a sisterly kiss she was after. I can still turn any man's head at mile distance and more with my lovely face and my long strong and superbly shapely legs. I could never, but never, sit still when I had the chance to avoid it. How I managed to stand and walk alone out of the Longing Alms that night I will never know.I was ordered to keep my head up, though I wanted to die from the blushing shame of being ravished this way by the cameras. My mind raced as I was led to the dining chair in the spotlights. If the definition of a bootie's sole, as it surely must, necessarily dictates some contact with the ground, the sole of these booties was a sole in name only.I was letting all this happen freely; yet I was a prisoner. I followed obediently as the girls took my hands with their own warm soft pretty hands and led me to the chair. The sole had no contact with the ground whatsoever. The soles of the booties curved back in the same way as a ballet shoe curves back when the ballerina pirouettes. Their intention was pretty certain; it was to hold the wearer in constant pirouetted tiptoe.KATRINA'S TAMING (by Eve Adorer) Chapter 1 - Introduction Stilt her. For me it had been a succession of boyfriends each worse than the one who went before. And we were bitches to the boys and girls who lusted after us. Swimming, belly-dancing, sword fencing, skating, running, cycling, aerobics, step-dancing, horse riding, and sex, lots and lots of sex, when I can get it. If only I could have found a man who could even half deliver on his boastful promises. I did a better job for myself than any stupid selfish man ever did for me. That is how I lost the job and was about to lose my apartment. Then I noticed that a pen and paper were in front of me. A film through the sales of which the money Jackie would loan me would be recovered many times over. My legs felt as if I had even yet, at twenty-six, not learned to walk for the first time. I somehow knew that my frustration was part of my taming.

It was Jackie's voice but as I had never heard it before. It was a firm assured command issued in a calm firm voice, a voice that said that she was going to enjoy watching what she had ordered her two pretty girl companions to do to me. Jackie's repeat command brought me back from my dazed reverie. It was she who was the 27-year-old millionaire and I, twenty-six now, the unemployed graduate who had never found her place in the world of work till the wonderful job I had just been dismissed from after only three months. The customer wants to be sure it's the real thing happening on their screen, she'd say, And when they buy my stuff they know they get nothing that isn't 100% kosher. I never really listened when she was in boasting mode, as often she was when she was tipsy. And that was what was hurting momentarily as I heard that command. Was Always Not Quite Entirely Right Jackie would giggle about the latest John or Joe that had left me crying on her shoulder. She'd then snort with laughter, and we'd both be cheered up. I'd opted for a weekend hiking in Scotland when I was supposed to be preparing for a meeting. My incredible nervousness at my vulnerable nakedness beneath my skimpy garments was causing contractions in my bowels. My fear at what was going to happen only increased as my peripheral vision told me the girls either side of me were drinking in the beauty of my bare thighs. I struggled to hold the pen so adrift from the world was my mind, but somehow I signed. Jackie ordered me home and said to be ready at 2.00 the next afternoon: a Saturday. Jackie purposely caught my arm and pulled me to her to hear her final order. I steadied myself by holding chair backs as I staggered toward the entrance door. A mature twenty-six year old woman used as a sex toy by girls barely out of sixth form. Sexual; sexy; humiliated; elated; angry; pleased; hateful; ecstatic; unhappy; giggly, frustrated and excited, each and every one of these by turn and turn again.More shots concentrated on my breasts and close up on my pretty rosebud-pink nipples with their one-inch diameter areole.And yet more were taken of my bum, finishing with a particularly lengthy look ground-upwards at my tightly closed in-curling girl-lips.As I heard one of them whisper: Be brave, I went into a reverie about Jackie and me and our past together. They should have been a fantasy; but they were absolutely here and now and very very real. Made of black soft leather reinforced by shiny stainless steel, they were the sexiest booties you could imagine and beyond, way beyond, even that. Their heels were, though it sounds unbelievable, nothing less than twelve bright shiny stiletto stainless steel inches, tapering down to contact of less than a one-eighth-inch square on the ground. Also made of shiny stainless steel, it flowed in a rigid curve from the heel to the toe-end of the booties, where it bent slightly back again. But these soles were rigid, not flexible like a ballet shoe, so the wearer's foot would be constantly forced back to make her toes point to ground when she stood. To ensure this, the toeend of the bootie was squared off.Stilt the bitch Jackie barked, as much for the film's theme as to snap me, her victim, alert once more. It would be the toe-end of the bootie the wearer would primarily stand and move on.Jackie says to see your email, said the girl's voice. Pleased that Jackie had seen fit not to discuss my predicament with her secretary, I turned on my computer and opened my mail, getting rid of the usual uninvited credit card offers and other junk to open Jackie's message to me in answer to my prayer to her. And, as time drifted past and I calmed down, there was another strange feeling it was giving me between my legs. Jackie and two young female companions were already there. So put your hands on the table and part your lovely legs. On and on and on and on they went their gentle but firm slow rhythmic stroking, every stoke reminding me how naked and publicly exposed I was. The stroking stopped and I braced myself as the girl on my right eased me forward and ran an enquiring finger along my oozing girl-lips. I drank coffee and wandered around my apartment like a zombie, all the time asking myself how on earth I could ever pass the time till 2.00 that afternoon and whether anyway I shouldn't run away. I could be halfway to Scotland or flown from any airport by the time Jackie came for me. It was gone noon when I awoke once more, fresh as the earliest spring daisy. I went back to my dressing table and checked my lipstick.