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Let's be real: unless dried-out riverbeds are your idea of aesthetically pleasing decay, this isn't exactly the most scenic route you'll ever take.

Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, followed by a slice of her signature boysenberry pie. You still occasionally can see old movies digitally blasted onto the venue's back wall.

Not that you'll ever squeeze all of it into the frame, unless you stand a parking lot away. A flamingo-pink Balboa beauty dating back three-quarters of a century to when this area was one of Hollywood's playgrounds (Bette Davis is said to have designed the bathrooms), this tacky swan now hosts live performances (mostly tribute bands, nostalgia merchants, and Andrew Dice Clay) in addition to newly released flicks and festival screenings. Because how many movie houses still have balconies?!

Every year it's sized up as the biggest in 'Murica, typically chopped down from Mt Shasta. Maybe you'll run into Slash or Lionel Richie or Steven Tyler making an appearance or tossing out a short set at this January musical mecca for gear-heads -- or more likely, you won't.

There's sausages and schnitzels aplenty, an oompah band, and dachshund races. , which employed a variety of other locations around Old Towne Orange.

The place is such a throwback, the pharmacists have been known to make house calls -- even the candy offerings are still deliciously stuck in the '50s.

That's when OC's longest-lasting amphitheater is expected to be torn down and paved over with more cookie-cutter Irvine housing.

Top off your memory bank with one last Weenie Roast before it's rubble.But there's always a cheap option: for most of the summer, the center screens classic movies on one of the main hall's largest walls.There really aren't many opportunities left, when you add up the possibilities between now and the end of 2017.Stretch out the trek as far as you can by leaving from the dam near the 71 freeway, then ride it all the way to Huntington.You'll have no cars in your path and will encounter only a scant number of runners and walkers (and, honestly, probably just as many vagrants).But more ambitious efforts to bring the Fox back to thriving life are slowly working, with events (like a recent "Speakeasy Days" retro trip) creeping onto the calendar.

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    16 and save 20% on your reservation, and be entered to win a season pass. College students enjoy discounted lodging and daily lift tickets for just , plus live entertainment every night of the week in the Widowmaker.

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    We spoke to Elena Alvarez, a bartender at The Airliner in Iowa City, Iowa; Chelsea Jenssen, a bartender at Tao Downtown nightclub in New York City; and heard from various bartending Redditors to find out what drink orders irritate them the most." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="We spoke to bartenders to find out what drinks they hate making the most.