Cherry fun dating

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Cherry fun dating

Sounds like big fun to me, to the 25 families who have signed up, and the 10 others on the waiting list for the June 19 event -- for which the library’s website helpfully suggests everyone wear their “most fantastic finery.” Alas, the folks at Acculturated and National Review are not feeling particularly fantastic about this sort of thing.The conservative publications are running an online essay by Amelia Hamilton, author of the Hamilton’s essay assails recent drag-queens-at-the-library happenings in Brooklyn and elsewhere -- turns out there’s even a Drag Queen Story Hour organization -- as the latest salvos in a sinister liberal indoctrination campaign that somehow crowds out all the content she’d prefer little ones be exposed to.

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A pair of Philly-area divas calling themselves the Sheer Sisters, wearing fabulous outfits and reading to kids?

The Acculturated website illustrates her essay with a photo of an admittedly rather scary queen whose phantasmagoric regalia includes ferocious blue eye shadow. "I've received two emails [Thursday] morning from parents beggin us to add another session," Hardesty adds.

Just below the picture, a headline warns that “Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Drag Queens to Read Stories to Children.” In other words, they’re coming for your kids -- in heels -- and you’re footing the bill! "We're trying to work something out to accommodate everyone who ants to come!

“I have seen them perform, and they will bring a lot of energy, a lot of fun,” Caswell says.

“The performance in a nightclub in the Gayborhood on a Friday night is not what they will be bringing to the library.

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