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A 10 means we kill a baby and suffer no consequences!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. If you're searching or viewing a profile though , the link goes back to "View Profile"Minor detail, but I guess that explains why I couldn't see it. You know, for those of us who are somewhat frugal and want to save our points for someone who deserves a wink... this is what it said "You can only have 6,000 points max. I find it funny that the mods rallied so hard against such things as this... hahahaha They also dislike a chat section on POF...

Ideally she won't be attacked much at all, so I am okay.

Wing walks the Path of the Brave, where she's attacked by something awful, spending all her survival to evade death. She gains a -1 evasion token and a 1 strength token.

Plus she should have a Dodge ready most of the time, so really a monster needs to hit four times before it's a threat... Three attack dice also help him with attacking, since his accuracy on either weapon isn't great (both at 7, after Monster Claw's bonuses, reduced to 5) so he'll typically draw 1-2 HL cards per attack.

Especially since as the dedicated tank, she'll be using her Beacon Sheild to Block almost every turn, negating two hits. He has adequate armoring and he can situationally remove two wounds for one crit, negating the weakness of using his Fist and Tooth not having a high Strength bonus.

Well, at least he's not rolling on the severe injury chart.

Two hits, Ben Dodges one of them to the chest and takes 3 to the waist instead.

First roll is 16, which is enough for a survival and a Fresh Acanthus! Wing has an existential crisis, and gets a -1 accuracy token. Monster has 18 health, 7 movement, 13 toughness, 1 damage, 1 speed. One crit, Ben strikes the beast's heart and tears off its White Fur. He suffers 1 brain damage and a basic action counter attack.

Strife takes a heavy injury to his chest and is knocked down.

However, it appears that you can only access your winks when you're in your inbox - changed to "View Winks". Some of us are absolutely horrid at composing first emails - so a wink is a way of saying "check me out" without actually having to say "check me out"OE - but where can you check your points balance??? I will now go hide in a corner (or hang out on another site) so that the mods that think they are god wont notice me...

In "View Winks", it's supposed to show who sent winks, but there aren't any names...

Maul harvests the acanthus and finds a Fresh Acanthus. Eventually, everyone but Maul Blocks, while Maul performs Aim and attacks.

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