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Christine lakin dating - red flag dating violence

In her book, she remembered being high on meth at the red carpet premiere of the Olsen twins' movie "I was pulling off the deceit," Sweetin wrote.

Having done Ecstasy in high school, cocaine became her drug of choice in college."My brain was already so warped by alcoholism that what I told myself was, 'Great, now I can drink and party Monday through Thursday, and I can go home Friday, Saturday and Sunday, relax a little bit, sleep and come back and do it again."He and I are going through a divorce, but we're still really good friends.It's not ugly."Sweetin obviously had her recovery to focus on and that was going well—plus, she was hosting the unforgettable on Fuse—when she met Cody Herpin, who was working as a driver and transportation coordinator on film sets, in May 2007.But that set the pattern of the kind of drinking that I would do."She only had two acting credits for the rest of the '90s, on the Joey-Matt-and-Andrew Lawrence sitcom , but Sweetin had gone back to school in the meantime, graduating from Los Alamitos High School in 1999 and enrolling at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. But starting to drink when she was a young teen had set her on a destructive course.Her career for the most part on hold, she was in and out of 12-step programs and rehab throughout her late teens and 20s while battling drug and alcohol abuse."From a very early age, I learned to balance work, life and responsibilities," she told an audience of Chapman students on a visit to the school this past March, per the university paper, The Panther.From the moment she was born, she changed my life forever and I felt love for someone that I'd never known! #grateful #howdidnineyearspasssoquickly A post shared by Jodie Sweetin (@jodiesweetin) on "That was the big rock bottom," she wrote, adding that she got sober for good on Dec.

She is the most creative, interesting, wonderful person and I am so blessed to get to be her mommy on this journey. 7, 2008, when she got a call that the court was having an emergency custody investigation due to her drinking.I somehow failed to remember that I was supposed to be going to classes amongst all of this."After a professor had two former addicts come in and speak to a class during Sweetin's second semester, she was motivated to try her first 12-step program.It didn't take, but that's when she started what would be the decade-long process of getting clean for good.Sweetin filed for a legal separation from Herpin in November 2008, stating in court documents that their house was in foreclosure and all of their bills were overdue.Herpin had stopped working after they got married and only Today is my beautiful Zoie's 9th birthday!!You don't even realize that it's taken over so quickly."Her weight plummeted from 130 pounds to about 100 pounds, but her husband "had no idea" why.

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