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For more information regarding our professional accreditation visit our accreditation website.

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Some of its most popular family attractions include Rock Bridge State Park, Stephens Lake, and the Katy Trail.

Caring professors work with our top notch instructional design team to create online courses that are not only engaging and dynamic but also meet the academic needs of our distance students.

Missouri Southern Online offers many degree options, including degree completion options, 17 minors, 11 certificates, 1 professional credential, and 14 bachelor degrees with several emphasis areas.

If you want to pursue Missouri career training in a supportive, career-focused environment, consider the benefits of learning at our Columbia campus. Columbia is a town of progress and hope, and its evident as soon as you step in the town.

Columbia is a town of 100,000 people nestled right between Missouri’s largest cities Kansas City, Mo. There is a spot for you here, and there is a spot for you at Bryan where our staff and trainers are excited to help you reach your career goals.

The cost of living in Columbia is also more affordable than the average cost of living in the entire nation.

This makes it easier to live a comfortable life and provide support for yourself and your family, all while earning your career training from Bryan University.If you prefer to rent a vehicle and drive to Columbia, find information on rental cars near airports at: During the Marketing Strategy Consortium and Enhancing Sales Force Productivity Conference, shuttles will be offered between the recommended hotels and event locations.Columbia offers Lyft, Uber and standard taxi services.Anywhere." approach to education can fit into even the most demanding life.Your time is valuable and Missouri Southern Online understands.We recommend two hotels in downtown Columbia near the University of Missouri campus.