Comic dating

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The cartoon compares the gentleman with superman and the broke guy with batman? Some awkward people just can't break their habits, even if it is for the sake of their better half.

But he should only act on his urges when she 'feel' the time is right. The guy just can't keep his hands to himself and gropes his partner at inappropriate places.*tap tap tap* goes the comic.These have been created for laughs but if they make you cry, I feel you. In your 20s, you fantasize that you’re gonna end up with the one you’re dating, but in your 30s, you don’t settle for anything less than what you think you deserve.

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In this comic, the girl is clearly fed up of her incompetent boyfriend and just wants to leave. When she asks your opinion about the size of her butt, it's like a double edged sword, nothing you can ever say in this situation will ever work out and you'll just end up offending her. So when you're patting your cat and expressing your desire to snuggle with it, the guy assumes he's on the verge of getting some action.

When you're around the love of your life - or the crush who has a chokehold over you for the past couple of weeks - it puts you at a loss of words.

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Of course breaking up over Twitter is the new thing.

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