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An enormous historical relic, Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Atlanta’s most famous figures.

A time in which gentlemen and ladies dressed in their finest attire and rode by horse-drawn carriage through the town, feeling a gentle breeze against their love-flushed faces.Newly opened Bad Axe Throwing may not be in the most romantic section of the Westside, but you just might get chopped down (in the good way) after you and your date take turns flinging forearm-length tools at a bullseye-painted wooden boards.Walk-ins are allowed at a person, per hour, and you can bring in your own food and drink.Argosy’s little analog game hall in the back hosts a monthly laugh-in called Date Night: A Sensory Experience, in which admission is per person, unless you’re lovers, in which case you pay the single price and both get in.It starts at 8pm and is specifically “for those who are in-love, looking-for-love, and wanting-to-be-made-love-to-by-hilarious-comedy.” While not as exciting as ax-throwing, yoga definitely brings about good vibes and shows that you're at least figuratively interested in health, and might even be trying to better yourself outside the demands of capitalism -- while you figure out your money situation.Thanks to our fair state's liquor laws they have to offer the deals, which range from -, from 11am to 11pm.

You can also take your French 75, Aviation, Vieux Carré, or Moscow Mule -- oh, and your date -- for a walk around Ponce City Market if you ask for carry-out cups.

You’ll be able to buy beers there (and at all other craft breweries in Georgia, actually), starting at the beginning of September.

Prices for 8-ounce core and small batch beers are and under, and less than for 16-ounce pours of the same, and you can get flights of four 4-ounce beers for .

On Thursday and Friday nights, Fernbank Science Center offers free admission for everyone wanting to geek out over its telescope.

Pair this with the Planetarium, where the round, heavenly theater is truly beautiful.

They always have a featured daily selection at half-price, so depending on which ones you get you can split a half-dozen and still have enough left to leave a respectable tip (which you should, to make sure your bartender can keep your frugality a secret).

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