Csf dating

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predominantly solid/cystic or mixed solid/cystic] nodule with [microcalcifications][no significant or minimal internal flow]Under direct ultrasound guidance, using [22-25]g needle, fine needle aspirations were performed of [size][left/right][sup/mid/inf] thyroid nodule.

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Subsequently, [60-80mg Kenalog along w/ 1-1.5cc of 2% Xylocaine] [2cc (20mg) Hyalgan] [xcc of 1/200 diluted Gad (Magnevist) mixture (also containing 3cc of 2% Xylocaine)] was injected.[Non-specific diffuse homogenously increased echotexture of liver resulting in decreased visualization of portal triads which can be seen in setting of diffuse hepatocellular disease most commonly fatty infiltration.][]x[]x[]cm [location] [ill-defined/well-circ] [ecogenicity][composition i.e.

FINDINGS: [acute/subacute] [open/closed] [intra-articular] [mild/mod/severely comminuted] [incomplete/avulsion/transverse/oblique/spiral/longitudinal/segmental/impacted/torus or buckle/greenstick/pathologic] fracture. There has been interval [increasing sclerosis at fracture site] [periosteal new bone formation] [immature/mature callus] [bridging osseous callus] [obliteration of fracture lucency] suggesting continued healing and remodelling.

Patient is s/p open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) with [fixation plate and screws or fixation hardware] providing [appropriate/near anatomic] alignment.

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FINDINGS: AP views of bilateral AC joints without and without weight bearing demonstrate normal acromioclavicular and coracoclavicular distances without fracture, dislocation, or significant degenerative changes. External fixation device in place (above and below fx site) with pins/screws connected to external fixation rods via clamps.

Patient was placed in left lateral decubitus position midway thru CSF collection to help continue CSF flow. Under fluoro guidance, a [22]G spinal needle was advanced along the right paramidline interlaminar space into the thecal space with a single pass.

Needle placement was confirmed with passive flow of clear CSF.fluoro-guidance, a 22G needle was directed into [hip/shoulder] joint.

Interval removal of K-wire with [appropriate/expected] fusion/arthrodesis at [joints].

Angle btwn femoral mechanical axis (drawn from center of femoral head to intercondylar notch) and tibial mechanical axis (drawn from center of tibial plateau to center of tibial plafond) is xdeg varus/valgus on the right and ydeg varus/valgus on the left.

100% displacement/translation of distal fx fragment] [mm foreshortening or bayonette apposition/overriding] [distracted] [with interposed butterfly fragment] [fracture-dislocation] [articular step-off or incongruity].