Dancing with the stars kelly monaco dating

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Dancing with the stars kelly monaco dating

Lily pointed out that the person standing between Abby and Scott was Sharon, but Abby wasn't sure if Sharon would be there.

At the penthouse, Chelsea called to the birthday boy to get out of the bathroom because she had to do her hair.Nikki agreed, and she grabbed her purse and headed out.Victoria reiterated to Reed that the night was about appearances and presenting a positive image, and he grumbled that it was good to know that his image was a problem. Victoria warned that Reed was facing fines and a license suspension, and she worried that it might affect his college chances.Victoria pointed out that he could have been killed, and J. Reed spat that both his parents had been arrested before, and it hadn't ruined their lives. exited, and Reed assumed that Victoria had dragged Nikki over there to lecture him.Victoria was surprised when Nikki showed up at her door, and Nikki requested a word alone with Reed. Nikki figured that he thought that because she was an alcoholic, and she inquired whether it had ever occurred to him that he might have inherited a predisposition to addiction.Scott remarked that the mystery kept things interesting, and Sharon vowed to find out his secrets one way or another.

Over drinks at the Athletic Club bar, Abby tried to get Lily to join her at the vow renewal ceremony so that Lily could stand between Abby and Scott all night.

Nick responded that he'd been checking out his new present, and he emerged wearing little more than a tool belt.

She objected to him wearing it to his parents' house because of obscenity laws, and she insisted that he put on clothes for the vow renewal ceremony.

Nikki referred to Reed breaking into the Underground on Halloween, pretending that he'd done it to listen to music.

She counseled that one drink could turn into two then three, and she regretted doing things while drunk that had hurt other people.

Scott walked in while still on the call, and Sharon wondered what had taken him that long.