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when the eighteen year old siren, Adam Lambert, comes of age, he immediately decides to make his finnish enemy suffer, once and for all. Angry and outraged, Drake, along side with Brad Bell, plans on humiliating him in front of everyone. Tommy Joe Ratliff, feeling guilty of what happened, asks his best friend, Adam Lambert, to take Sauli to prom.

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Little did anyone know, Sauli had been blessed with a special gift, and when one plays with fire, one will get burned.

Drake humiliated Sauli in front of his gym classmates, causing Sauli to cry in hysterics.

After all, anything could happen at Lady Wroth's parties. Sauli Koskinen is the target of consent bullying, with Drake Labry being especially vicious.

She and Adam hit it off really quick and he seems really attracted to her. It turned out to be way longer than I had intended. Season 8 of American Idol has wrapped up the competition and the fun is starting ... The idols are excited for the tour but for one of them, the dream is turning into a nightmare. Just close your eyes and try to think it over You realize I'm not the man you know, boy I hypnotize ya, I paralyze ya Go on and scream 'cause nobody's gonna find ya -- Kris Allen, "Monster" American Siren, America's #1 entertainment show for the last seven seasons, returns for its explosive eighth season.

With returning judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, American Siren will see the finest stars on land and sea compete for their place in music history!

With everything on the line, can Kris make history?

Kris had memorised the Sacred Ritual of Demon Binding by the time he was eight years old.Rogers would later go on to audition for the NBC singing show The Voice.Gokey was recently nominated in his state of Wisconsin for a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) award for Best Christian/Gospel Artist of the Year. Drake bails detention and is banned from the school prom. Lady Regan Wroth is known for hosting a very certain kind of party. His crying catches the attention of Sutan Amrull, who sends the entire class to detention and Sauli to the principal's office to calm down.It was the third surgery she had, but she died from complications.

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