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This whole thing is so shameless, but I've been kicking it around in my head so I had to get it out of there. Trent Lane would like to go on record and say that her with one hundred percent certainty that he did not intend, in any capacity, to violate Daria Morgendorffer's privacy. The year had not let up, the winter and spring had limped along, staggering with terrible heat that left an airless feeling hidden behind every building.

The overwhelming feeling of embarrassment made her lower her gaze as she made her way to her bedroom, brushing aside the opportunity to inject a sardonic comment to something her sister Quinn was saying at the moment.have that in mind."Escaping to her room had never been so imperative.[o][o][o]Daria lay still on her bed, contemplating the stretch of ceiling between the lamp and the spot farthest at the back that her eyes could reach.Not that it made any difference to the ceiling, or to her; her mind was far away in thoughts that had nothing to do with roofs."Too bad you're not a few years older, huh?Daria had been vaguely aware of some thumping noises coming from the upper floor, but did not connect them to his room.What she saw made her frown, take her glasses out, rub her eyes, put them back on and frown again."Janey, is that you?The ground squelched under her flooded tennis shoes, her socks grew wet and dank as she made her way to the parking lot.

Congratulations, you are officially "the best siblings ever." Or, like, you know...among them.

Today, millions of Instagram accounts all over the United States will be flooded with grainy childhood snapshots featuring sentimental anecdotes, lots of heart emojis and the claim that that specific person (whose Instagram you're currently creeping on) has "the best sibling ever." Obviously, they can't possibly all be accurate. We've conducted some highly scientific research and analyzed the ultimate #OTSP (A. Do you and your sibling satisfy three or more of the following criteria?

the one true sibling pairing) -- "Daria"'s Jane and Trent Lane -- to determine what makes a sibling "the best ever" and whether you and your significant sibling qualify.

It took her a while to realize that, annoying as her mother's meaning might have been, there was some truth to it. Luckily for her this time, Quinn's half-digested hot dog did not end up accessorizing her shirt and shoes.

But even the 'if only's' were painful to ponder about.

This is a little something that I was thinking on for Jane as a stand alone piece.

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    Another reason that you should spend time with others during this stage is because it’s important to see how your relationship holds up in a social environment.