Dating a vietnamese woman

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Dating a vietnamese woman - dating hiv personals site

I never cheat on him even though I don't love him but he accused me of cheated on him; I was getting hurt real bad. he is very jealous and possessive and I love that so much because it shows me how much he loves me. I am in the same situation as the woman who stated she wanted a casual relationship with her scorp. Yet, I've never met anyone with whom I felt as instantly at ease or secure. After a brief friendship/getting to know each other phase, we decided to give it a go and became exclusive.I told my parent that I never happy while living with him. he likes to stay alone sometimes which is something that doesn't irritates me at all bec I tend to stay alone from time to time. I was -not- prepared for being exclusive with a Scorpio man. To be fair, the Scorpio that I dated was a seven-layer Scorpio (and to those astrologically challenged readers, this means he was nearly pure, undiluted Scorpio - no Aries or Libra crap in there mucking things up).

It is driving me crazy how much I need him to be only mine.. Hi I am a Pisces women and am married to a Scorpio man. All I can say is that Scorps are loyal once married. It's creepy how he is exactly like everyone described their guy to be.It is painful and bitter at the end, so I told my parent that I might not living with him through my retirement year; thought, I met a Scorpio man, Lawyer, in the elevator on my lunch break, on the day I went to do my Jury Duty. he is very romantic and knows how to use words to seduce me .words are like magic :):). I believe he got two personalities one tough to face the cruel world and the other very sensitive and fragile, most likely people think he is tough and quick-tempered but they don't see the hidden part in him. we fight a lot but as soon as the fight ends we become so emotional and need eachother.. So, needless to say he was intensity personified, secretive to the level or paranoia and of course, very possessive.I am 19 yrs Piscean girl and I'm in a relation with a Scorpio guy he is 20, for about 3 yrs. i love him a lot and want my life to spent with him. but he is extreme guy..he is angry he does physical damage. We fought a lot, very viciously sometimes, but he never went out on me or got physical or any of the other horror stories that sometimes mar the experience of dating a Scorpio fella.I have never experienced sex in such a sensual way when he just holds you and gazes into your eyes. We did fight quite a bit at first, mostly due to my sensitive nature, but no matter how tough things he got, he was always there, holding my hand.I have found a wonderful friend, an intelligent being who always pushes me to better myself, and an amazing lover who has changed my world.We lost touch some time ago and the managed to bump into each other a few years ago. At first, I wanted something only casual, but soon realized that he was everything I wanted and more.

I know what you all are talking about when you talk about that stare.He has given so many hints that he is falling for me too, but he became dismayed by the rejection from me. They are also very possessive & protective with their lover. When we're together there's so much passion, it's almost magical.It has been over a year now, I have to find the strength to let him go. One thing that Scorps like to do is that they like to Sting. I do get a little intimidated when he stares at me though. I've confided in him with so many of my problems and he's been by my side through it all.He was entirely dedicated to me, putting our relationship before everything, including himself.We had the insane chemistry and earth-shifting bond that usually accompanies Pisces/Scorpio couplings, and we still have it to this day. after that it comes the chase, their game is called "HOT-COLD", which means at time to time he will be cold discreet mysterious, and then he goes worm loving dear. (written from a Pisces girl who is in the chase with a Scorpio : D ) I'm a Pisces woman 24 years old and My fiance is 33 ( Scorpio) We've been together for 3 years He's a good man .I am a Pisces woman married but I am in love with a Scorpio man who is also married, I don't know what should I do.

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    These people will have dates on a regular basis, and they may or may not be having sexual relations.