Dating agency glasgow

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Dating agency glasgow

One such site was 278 Glasgow Road, nearly three acres opposite the stadium that included offices, an industrial unit, a garage, works yard and snack van.

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"It is our understanding that their investigation is still ongoing and as such, we are unable to comment on any actions we may take in the future in connection with what was a important and strategic land acquisition." Ryden did not return calls ahead of publication, and neither did Pelosi nor his solicitor.The source said: "£2.1m is a crazy price to pay ...Based on the sizes stated, this is approximately £10 per sqft as a combined office and industrial rent.The details are such that it has already become the subject of a police investigation.The agency might be best known for its key role in preparing the area for next summer's Commonwealth Games, but its more pressing race at present is to explain how on earth it landed in the middle of this one.It had been left in the ground around Shawfield for a generation, and Clyde Gateway began a major £19 million project several years ago to dispose of the material and redevelop the area for commercial and industrial uses.

To that end it has bought up large tracts of land in the area, which are currently being prepared for remediation.The rest were transferred to other companies under Pelosi's control, ensuring he retained control of sites worth £1.65m.As Lord Malcolm concluded in court: "Strathcroft, on the direction of Mr Pelosi senior, paid the bank monies which were designed to, and did persuade the bank to discharge the [mortgages] over the five properties, all in order to facilitate the subsequent gratuitous sales.Police officers have paid numerous visits to Clyde Gateway to interview the managers involved.A spokesperson for Police ­Scotland said: "We can confirm that Police Scotland has received a complaint relative to the purchase of land in South Lanarkshire [under which the address falls].HOW could the agency in charge of regenerating the east end of Glasgow have spent more than £2 million of public money by paying three times the going rate in a property deal in the middle of the worst economic slump in living memory?

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