Dating before you get married

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Every once in a while, you may meet a great guy who’s all that.

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If he does feel awkward about you meeting his kids, then you could tag a friend along and spend the weekend with your friend and catch up for lunch with your boyfriend in the neighborhood restaurant.

Sounds simple, but it won’t seem so simple if he’s happily married and not divorced. ] His reaction to spontaneous dates How does he behave when you plan a few spontaneous dates with him?

If he can’t rattle off a long list of places to eat and places where he gets his laundry done, he’s obviously making up a few things. Patterns in his travel plans Many married guys who are working in one state may have their wife and kids in another state.

Now when he’s got all the time in the world, he wouldn’t have any problem playing the dating game and being the protective family man now and then.

A guy who’s hooked with someone else can’t do any of that.

If you’re having some serous doubts about him, get him to stay over often at your place.

Is this new man in your life pursuing you aggressively and trying to look for places and spaces to slip his ding dong in all the time? The next time you’re in love with a suspicious guy who’s doing all he can to bed you on the first date, keep your eyes peeled and remember these signs.

Every guy who’s looking for a quick fling or an affair will always sweet talk you, convince you and ever force you into getting physical with him at the earliest.

But can you contact him at any time you want when he travels away or does he have fixed slots for your call?

And if he’s really into you, perhaps, you could accompany him sometime to his hometown.

His single status When you talk to him about his single status, does he respond convincingly?