Dating blog info

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Dating blog info

From about mid-2008, everything started going downhill for My Space's business.Facebook was on a massive climb and My Space was losing visitors.

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Update: Since writing this piece, My Space have posted a blog about the incident which they've dated as having occurred before 11 June 2013.

But check the proportions in April 09: This data feels too late when we think back to the 1:5 and 1:3 ratios for Yahoo and Hotmail versus Gmail.

Let's find some stats on the previous year, for example this cart from Tech Crunch in Jan 2009: Here the ratio of Gmail to Hotmail starts out at about 1:2.5 in Oct 2007 and finishes at about 1:1.5 in Dec 2008.

There are likely some interesting insights to take away from the passwords alone, but it's the email addresses that can help us actually date the thing.

When we look at the top 3 email address in the My Space breach by domain, we see an interesting distribution: What's up with Gmail?!

It's been a crazy time for data breaches and as I wrote yesterday, we've seen a very distinct pattern of historical mega breaches lately.

Fling in 2011, Linked In in 2012, tumblr in 2013 and the mother of them all, My Space in, well, we don't quite know. Firstly, the only data in the breach is an incrementing ID (possibly an internal My Space identifier which would enable to date it), an email address, username and one or two passwords.Of course this is all assuming an even distribution of accounts over services at similar times which will never be before Linked In was.What we really need though is more data from between 20.And it’s not just the offense that has put them in this position to win, but the defense too.The Rockets entered Tuesday ranked sixth in the NBA in points allowed per 100 possessions, at 104.7. Areas of improvement What are some of the things we can attribute this to?The Rockets have made a significant improvement in a couple of areas.

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