Dating coach columbus oh

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Dating coach columbus oh

Her children now grown, she spends her time away from work playing with her six grandchildren, baking tasty treats and fine-tuning her art skills.

Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives.We know how relationships that start out so loving and connected can turn empty, sour and painful in a matter of years or even months or weeks!We’re excited to tell you that through years of research using the laboratory of our own relationship as well as others’ relationships, we’ve discovered the secrets to making your love last.Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. I’ve worked on myself a lot but now that I finally have a really good man, I’ve noticed my inner thinking and some outer reactions that really have nothing to do with him.I know that ' Stop Talking on Eggshells' will be a blessing to many." Crystal“I downloaded your ‘Magic Words’ ebook and got two audios a couple days ago. Your material is really helping me clarify and take responsibility for my own ‘stuff’ so I won’t destroy what we are building. You do it very well, too.” Leslie“During this Thanksgiving week, I simply want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.She has an in-depth understanding of how people interact with each other as well as the inner workings of the mind.

In her past corporate life, Kirbie wrote and delivered workshops on leadership, creativity, goal setting, innovation and communication. As a woman who was divorced several years ago and raised four children, Kirbie has personal experience with the trials and tribulations of divorce and single parenting.

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We provide practical, no-nonsense, and fun coaching that works. Proven ways to build confidence and learn social skills quickly.

Michol brings her dynamic blend of enthusiasm, humor, and professionalism which makes working with her a wonderful experience.

What you are doing on dates could be holding you back from getting that connection with a person you like.

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