Dating female 56 175 lb

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Dating female 56 175 lb

(Ref at Boston Fine Arts); alkannan: CAS 517-90-8 alkannin: CAS 23444-65-1-58-7 Bengal Lac; Cake Lac; Caked Lac; C. Natural Red 25; Gomme Laque; Grained Lac; Gum Lac; Gummilack; Indian Lake; Kadi lakh; Lac Dye [KP.p | NP.p]; Lac; Laca; Lacca; Lac Lake; Lakka; Lic-Lac; Natural Lacaic Acid; Natural Red 25; Seed-lac; Rangbatti Laked Resinous extraction the Rattan palm tree, Daemonorps Draco; Raman spectroscopy (Ref Spectrochimica Acta); (Ref: Raman spectroscopic analysis of dragon’s blood resins, Edwards, Oliveira, Prendergast, c 2003) Dracaena Cinnabari; Draccorubin (CI 75200) and Dracorhodin (CI 75210)]; Bright Red [CL]; Cadmium Red Purple Light Substitute [SE.p]; Chinese Red Vermilion Hue; Chinese Vermilion Substitute [SE.p]; C. Pigment Red 3; Cinnabar Red [EP.p]; Cinnabar Red Deep (hue) [LK]; Eljon Red; Eljon Scarlet; Geranium Lake [MR.o]; Hansa Red; Hansa Scarlet RNC; Harrison Red; Helio Red; Helio Fast Red; Helios Red [SE.p]; Imitation Vermilion; Kenalake Scarlet; Lithol Red; Madder Lake (hue) [PF.w]; Monoazo Red; Naphthol Red; Permanent Intense Red [SE.t]; Pigment Red 3; Poster Red [AS]; Scarlet; Scarlet Lake [DR]; Blazing Red; Cadmium Red Light Substitute [SE.p]; Chinese Red Vermilion Hue; Chlorinated Para Red; C. Pigment Red 4; Cinnabar Red Light (hue) [LK]; D&C Red No 36 308260; FAST RED R; Fire Red [CL]; Flaming Red; French Vermilion Red (hue) [SE.os]; French Vermilion (hue) [SE.os]; Hansa Red R; Magenta; Permanent Red R; Pigment Red 4; Red Orange; Signal Red; Tangerine [DR.g]; Vermilion (hue) [MR.o | SCH | SE.t]; Vermilion Red (hue); ]; Permanent Red FRLL [KP.p]; Permanent Scarlet; Pigment Red 9; Poppy Red [AS]; Red Vermilion (hue) [LB.av]; Scarlet []; Ton Rouge de Cadmium Clair [LB.o]; Vermillion (hue) [LK]; Vermilion Hue [DR.a. **]; Permanent Carmine [MA.o.o(artis).p]; Permanent Crimson; Permanent Rose Madder [SI.p]; Permanent Violet; Pigment Red 83; Red Scarlet; Rose Doré (Alizarin); Rose Madder [BX.o.w | HO.w | SH.w | WNAlizarin or 1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinone is an synthetic organic compound with formula C14H8O4 that is historically important as a prominent dye, originally derived from the roots of plants of the madder genus; (Ref Alizarin Crimson at Boston Fine Arts); Alizarin (wikipedia Ref); Alizarin, synthetic (Ref at Boston Fine Arts CAMEO); Lake of Dihydroxy-anthraqutone or Anthraquinone Lake (Alizarin Crimson) is a synthetic form of NR9 (without Purpurin) precipitated with an inert binder, usually a metallic salt.; (lake pigments wikipedia Ref); Color depends on metal the lake is fixed on: Unique Hue; PR 177, PR 179 or PR 264 are similar, and more permanent substitutes, but not identical.; * Color depends on method of manufacture and the metal salt the Anthraquinone dye is fixed on.

The red iron oxide pigments have an ancient history and pigments often still use the traditional names not necessarily in the native tongue of the artists using them.

Add to all that, the multitude of languages that have intermixed and the iron oxide pigment names have become an almost impossible list of varied phrases.inorganic; Synthetic Anhydrous red iron oxide, It may consist of the additional modifiers Cr2 03, Fe O, Mn203, or/and Ni O in any combination.

LBNL Pigment Database Spectral radiative properties; Red Iron Oxide (i); Red Iron Oxide (ii); Red Iron Oxide (iii); Red Oxide; Making pigments: Red Ochre at; Iron Brown Hematite: CPMA 3-06-7 (4th ed.

(Mineral Reference); According to the Pigment Compendium, 2008 Cinnabar based pigments only darken when they contain traces of chlorine or exposed to halogens.

Also "blackening and fading in vermilion are always due to adulteration ‘by mixture with lake, carmine or by red or orange lead’." (Ref Pigment Compendium p.383); (Picture at; Natural mineral said to be more stable than synthetic vermilion (Natural Pigments Ref).

pg.4628); Semi precious stone sometimes used as a jewel; (Ref and Pic); (Lots of Pics) Rhodonite is the official gem of Commonwealth of Massachusetts; * more info on the Dan Smith Prima Tek™ artist paints and other minerals used for art pigments at the watercolor site;]; Carmine Extra-Fine Genuine [SE]; Carmine (genuine) [SE.w]; Carmine Lake; Carmine Naccarat [KP.p]; C. Natural Red 4; Cocciniglia; Coccus Cacti Extract; Cochinilla; Cochenille [KP.p]; Cochineal [NP.p]; Cochineal Extract; Cochineal Tincture; Cochineal Lake; Crimson Lake; Florentine Lake; Grana; Grana Cochinilla; Hamburgh Lake; Indian Purple*; Natural Red 4; Parisian Lake; Sanred 1; Venetian Lake; Viennese Lake; Zacatillo Laked extract from dried bodies of the female cochineal insect (Coccus cacti); Color mostly from carminic acid, kermes acid and laccainic acid D.; How Carmine is made at Cochineal: CAS 1343-78-8 Carmine: CAS 1390-65-4 Carminic Acid: CAS 1260-17-9Aal; Alizarin Carmine; Alizarin Crimson; Alizarin Purple; Alizarin Purpurin; Alizarin Red; Anthraquinone Purple; C. Natural Red 8; Krapplack; Laque de Garance; Natural Red 8; Natural Rose Madder; Madder Lake [KP.p]; Madder Lake, Brown [KP.p]; Madder Lake, Carmesine Red [KP.p]; Madder Lake, dark red [KP.p]; Madder Lake, Hazelnut [KP.p]; Madder Lake HOFF [KP.p]; Madder Lake, Orange [KP.p]; Madder Lake Perego, dark [KP.p]; Madder Lake Perego, pale [KP.p]; Madder Lake, Salmon [KP.p]; Madder Lake, violet [KP.p]; Madder Lake, violet-brown [KP.p]; Natural Red 8; Turkey Madder; Rubia tinctorium; Garancine (Pigment Ref); Anthraquinone Lake; Making pigments: Madder Lake at alizarin: CAS 72-48-0; rubiadin: CAS 117-02-2; purpuroxanthin-carboxylic acid: CAS 478-06-8; xanthopurpurin: CAS 518-83-2 purpurin: CAS 81-54-9 pseudopurpurin: CAS 476-41-5 Alizarin; Alizarin Crimson; Alizarin Red; Alizarine; Adrianople Red; Alsatian madder; Avignon madder; C. Natural Red 9; Cory’s Brown Madder; Cory’s Yellow Madder; Dutch madder; Dyer's Root; Extra Purple Madder [WN]; Field’s Purple; Garancia; Garancine; Garanza; Granzuolli; Krapp; Krapplack; Lacca di Robbia; Laca de Rubia; Lake of Natural Madder; Laque de Garance; Levant Red; Madder Carmine; Madder Lake [KP.p]; Madder Lake, yellowish [KP.p]; Madder Orange; Madder Purple; Madder Root [NP.p]; Madder Yellow; Natural Madder; Natural Red 9; Orange Lake; Orange Madder; Pink Madder; Purpurin; Purple Rubiate; Rose Doré [WN.o]; Rose Madder [BR]; Rose Madder Deep [WNLake of the extract from Madder roots (Rubia tinctorium), usually precipitated on aluminium hydrate or Tin; (Madder Ref at Boston Fine Arts); Alizarin (1;2-dihydroxy anthraquinone); Purpurin (1;2;4-trihydroxy anthraquinone): Making pigments: Madder Lake at CAS 71538-26-6; alizarin: CAS 72-48-0; pseudopurpurin: CAS 476-41-5 Alcanna Tinctoria; Aldanet; Alkanna alkannan; Alkanet Root [GEN | KA | NP.p]; Alkannin; Anchusin; Bugloss; C. Natural Red 20; Dyer's Alkanet; Dyer's Bugloss (Alcanna tinctoria); Natural Red 20; Red; Orchanet Root; Orkane; Spanish Bugloss; Violet Carmine (hue); A natural red dye obtained from the roots of two species of plants, the false alkanet plant, Anchusa officinalis (and A.

tinctoria) and the true alkanet plant, Lawsonia alba. Pigment Red 22; Devil's Red; FAST SCARLET N; Naphthol Red Bright; Naphthol Red Light; Naphthol Red Light Shade; Opaque Scarlet []; Pigment Red 22; Scarlet []; Solfast scarlet Arsenic Rouge; Arsenic Sulfide; Arsenic Sulphide; C. Pigment Red 39; Eolite; Pigment Red 39; Realgar [GEN | NP.p]; Realgarite; Red Arsenic; Red Arsenic Sulphide; Red Orpiment; Rahj al ghar; Rejalgar; Risagallo; Risigallum; Ruby Arsenic; Ruby Sulfur; Ruby Sulphur; | HO.g.| KA.o.p | KP.p | MG.a.g.o.w | MH.o | RF.e | RGH.o.p | ROSS.o.o(soft) | RT.w | SE.o.w | SV | UT.a.o.w | WL.o.p | WN.o.wp(L)]; Alizarin Crimson Dark [KP.p]; Alizarin Crimson Deep; Alizarin Crimson Golden [GR]; Alizarin Crimson Lake [SE]; Alizarin Farben; Alizarin Golden [RGH.o]; Alizarin Lake; Alizarine Madder Deep [SCH.p]; Alizarine Madder Lake; Alizarine Madder Lake Deep [SCH.p]; Alizarin Orange; Alizarin Red; Alizarine Red B; Alizarin Red Lake [SE.p]; Alizarin Scarlet; Alizarin Violet Lake [SE.w]; Antique Crimson [HO.w]; Brown Madder; C. Pigment Red 83; Carmine (hue) [HO.w]; Carmine (Alizarin Crimson) [HO.w.]; Carmine Red (hue) [SE.os]; Crimson Alizarin [DR.]; Crimson Madder; Kermes Lake [MA.o(Ren)]; Indian Lake Alizarin; Lacca d'Alizarina Cremisina; Laca de Garanza Cramois; Laque d'Alizarine Carmiosie; Madder; Madder Brown; Madder Carmine [WN]; Madder Lake; Madder Lake Deep [RT..w]; Mordant Red 11; Permanent Alizarin Crimson [UT.w?

The links will take off site where you can find more specific paint, binder, and pigment properties, including MSDS sheets or a retailer that stocks that brand of paint or pigment. See the Key at the bottom of any page for the artist media or binder company codes and links to the brands websites.

NOTE: Chinese Cinnabar; Chinese red; Cinnabar [GEN | KP.p | NP.p]; Cinnabar (Coarse) [NP.p]; Cinnabar dark [KP.p]; Cinnabar SHINSYA [KP.p]; Cinnabarite; Cinnibar; Cold Cinnabar (Coarse) [NP.p]; Llimpi Merkurblende; Mercurblende; Minium; Natural Cinnabar [KP.p]; Natural Cinnabar Monte Amiata [KP.p]; Nium; Pigment Red 106; Quecksilbersulfidrot; Sulfur Red Mercury; Vermeil Zinnober; Vermillion; Vermilion [o,p]; Warm Cinnabar [NP.p]* light fastness seems to be affected by sulfides, hydrothermal silica, preparation and impurities.

| GR.| | MA.w | MR.o | MT | MH.o | MW.o | OH.a.o.w | PF.o | RGH.o.p | RT.o.w | SE.a.o.p | SI.p | UT.a.o.w | WN.o.w.wp]; Venetian Red (Mars) [OH.a]; Venice Red; Venician Red [PF]; Violet de Mars; Violet Iron Oxide [DV.w | WN.a]; Violet Oxide [ GO.]; XSL Translucent Red [KP.p]; There are many other names for ochres and red iron oxides, usually based on color hue (maroon, violet), production location (Turkey, Oxford), quarry, mining site or manufacturing method (burnt, fired, roasted) and to further complicate things they appear in amost all languages.

They can be followed or prefixed by other properties such as raw, bright, deep, dark, medium, fine or transparent etc.

NR 2, NR 3, NR 4, NR 6, NR 8, NR 9, NR 10, NR 11, NR 12, NR 16, NR 20, NR 22, NR 23, NR 24, NR 25, NR 26, NR 28, NR 31, PR 1, PR 2, PR 3, PR 4, PR 5, PR 6, PR 7, PR 8, PR 9, PR 12, ; PR 13, ; PR 14, PR 15, PR 17, PR 19, PR 21, PR 22, PR 23, PR 31, PR 32, PR 38, PR 39, PR 47, PR 48, PR 48:1, PR 48:2, PR 48:3, PR 48:4, PR 49, PR 49:1, PR 49:2, PR 52:1, PR 52:2, PR 53, PR 53:1, PR 57, PR 57:1, PR 57:2, PR 58:4, PR 60, PR 60:1, PR 61, PR 62, PR 63, PR 63:1, PR 69, PR 81, PR 81:1, PR 81:2, PR 81:3, PR 81:4, PR 83, PR 83:1, PR 83:3, PR 85, PR 88, PR 89, PR 90, PR 90:1, PR 101, PR 101:1, PR 102, PR 103, PR 104, PR 105, PR 106, PR 107, PR 108, PR 108:1, PR 109, PR 112, PR 113, PR 113:1, PR 114, PR 119, PR 120, PR 121, PR 122, PR 123, PR 139, PR 144, PR 146, PR 147, PR 148, PR 149, PR 150, PR 160, PR166, PR 168, PR 169, PR 170, PR 170:1, PR 171, PR 172, PR 173, PR 174, PR 175, PR 176, PR 177, PR 178, PR 179, PR 180, PR 181, PR 183, PR 184, PR 185, PR 187, PR 188, PR 190, PR 192, PR 193, PR 194, PR197; PR 200, PR 202, PR 204, PR 206, PR 207, PR 208, PR 209, PR 210, PR 211, PR 212, PR 213, PR214, PR 216, PR220 PR221, PR 223, PR 224, PR 226, PR 230, PR 231, PR 232, PR 233, PR 235, PR 236, PR 238, PR 239, PR 242, PR 243, PR 245, PR 251, PR 252, PR 253, PR 254, PR 255, PR 256, PR 257, PR 258, PR 259, PR 260, PR 262, PR 264, PR 265, PR 266, PR 268, PR 269, PR 270, PR 271, PR 272, PR 273, PR 274, PR 275, PR 276, PR 279, PR 282, PR 286, PR 287, PR 288, PR 571?

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    As I heard one of them whisper: Be brave, I went into a reverie about Jackie and me and our past together. They should have been a fantasy; but they were absolutely here and now and very very real. Made of black soft leather reinforced by shiny stainless steel, they were the sexiest booties you could imagine and beyond, way beyond, even that. Their heels were, though it sounds unbelievable, nothing less than twelve bright shiny stiletto stainless steel inches, tapering down to contact of less than a one-eighth-inch square on the ground. Also made of shiny stainless steel, it flowed in a rigid curve from the heel to the toe-end of the booties, where it bent slightly back again. But these soles were rigid, not flexible like a ballet shoe, so the wearer's foot would be constantly forced back to make her toes point to ground when she stood. To ensure this, the toeend of the bootie was squared off.