Dating harley chicks

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Dating harley chicks - 100 online kj rlighet dating vennskap

She will always be one ride away from leaving it all behind again, with or without you.She’ll have maps tucked away in the medicine cabinet next to the ibuprofen, longing to stretch her legs in a different city every night.

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In other than dire situations, be wary of the girl who performs her own routine maintenance.

You will know her by the crescent moon shapes of dirt and grease collecting beneath her otherwise manicured fingernails or the oil-stained creases on her hands.

Or in rare cases, by her printless fingertips, washed away from extensive use of carb cleaner. Her idea of a vacation won’t include sipping mai tais on the beach.

You will likely find her comfortable in environments that may be unsettling at first, beyond a nondescript door to a long hallway which leads to a smoke-filled bar of only scotch and whiskey. You will wake up on Sunday morning to find the bed empty and cold.

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She will disgust you with her downsizing of a full makeup kit to a pack of wet wipes and moisturizing sunscreen. Be wary of the girl who performs her own emergency roadside repairs.

She’ll steal every last roll of duct tape, electrical tape, zip tie, and inch of wire you possess because nothing is going to stop her from breathing life back into this bike.

She will simplify the search for a lunch stop by asking a nearby law enforcement officer and make finding a hotel an adventure in and of itself. She won’t be impressed by your gifts of jewelry or perfume.

The only shiny bits that captivate this girl’s attention are freshly polished chrome or a high gloss paint job.

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    I think singles would be quite interested in dining establishments, and places where they could go to meet potential partners (so, a thriving night life, but not a nightlife that primarily caters to short-term mating).