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Everyone looks like they should be modeling the latest swimsuit in a magazine ad, but that would require leaving the island, something they’ll never do.

Fortunately, if you’re dating someone in Hawaii and living together, you’ll only have to pay half, thus, dating a local practically you money.Being a good dancer often means good things on the dating scene, and islanders are a cut above the rest.If you’re already an islander, you know all about the local discount.Practically everyone living in Hawaii knows how to surf, but with so many beaches and such awesome weather that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.So, if you’re dating someone on the islands, there’s a good chance they’ll be more than happy to give you a few tips.Consuming literally millions of cans of Spam annually, this precooked meat blend is a staple on the islands.

Long-term residents of “the Aloha State” have been chowing down on this unconventional protein source since they were in diapers and they’re bound to have a few great recipes of their own.

Most days, people on Hawaii have no problem going without nice slacks or dress shoes, some days don’t even require a shirt.

The one thing you do have to spend money on is a great pair of slippers to wear to the beach.

Almost every islander you come across is able to drink you under the table. You know someone loves you when they know your Zippy’s order and surprise you with it.

Zippy’s is a fast food staple in Hawaii, especially on Oahu where it’s got more than 20 locations.

While living on the island does have its shortcomings such as lots of traffic, expensive living, and high shipping costs, the pros by far outweigh the cons and once you start dating a local, you’ll never want to leave.