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During this post-glacial flooding, smooth rocks with similar specific gravity had congregated in clusters at eddies on selected northern Illinois river bottoms.In these eddy pockets, matching odd-shaped stones were clearly visible, crafted by Mother Earths gravity-hammer and water-chisel.

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Paleo Indian had immigrated across the Bering Sea by the land bridge of the Aleutian Island chain (known as Beringia) from Siberia into North America and followed a corridor south between the retreating ice sheets, perhaps to hunt wooly mammoth.According to some, this environment may have driven Mammoth and other large fauna out of their cool grazing lands reducing their numbers into sparsely populated small herds in this region.This cheeky little toddler is even cuter in real life.A more recent theory propose prehistoric Solutreans of Ice Age France also sailed west to America across the Atlantic Ocean along the south ridge of the polar ice cap more than 18,000 years ago.It is thought they brought Clovis point technology (earlier, similar points were found in France) and genetic diversity (such as red hair and large noses) to Native Americans.These polished stones would have looked remarkably beautiful under clear water.

Who wouldn't have picked up such interesting and shiny stones in a world where shiny objects were rare?The remaining vegetation would have been charred, forcing starvation upon surviving mega fauna. This comet melted a good portion the Laurentide Ice Sheet and the resultant flood waters changed the Atlantic currents.This combined with ash and soot in the atmosphere, plunged the Northern Hemisphere into a Mini-Ice Age for another 1,200 years.The implication is that the climate was unlike any climate in North America today.The presence of spruce suggests cool summers, whereas the deciduous trees imply relatively warm winters.About 16,000 years ago, the spruce forest became denser, and closed forest developed.

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