Dating in oakdale california

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Dating in oakdale california

The area is accessible; the back room to the right of the landing has spots, which are very cold.

In the mid 1900s a young orphan boy was caught trying to steal a pie cooling on the window sill of a farmers house.

This is a popular place during Halloween when they have the haunted forest, hay rides, and haunted house tours.

some people have seen real ghosts lurking around during the activities on Halloween.

Apparently they went there to hide from men who were drunk and attempting to rob and murder them.

Unfortunately they did not get away, and were indeed murdered. Purchased from the Mexican government by John Reed, the adobe compound was turned into an inn.

There is also believed to be a circle of stones and if you walk through them time lapses.

It has been said and even that a woman, 2 men and 2 children haunt the chapel of the mission.The sand bag that killed him still exists but is not used anymore.The second floor of the building was the town morgue.In 1848, a gang of English pirates raided the inn due to a rumor that a treasure was buried on the property.When the raid was complete, 13 people were killed including reed, his family, and other guests staying at the inn.Apparently in the early 70's a body of a little girl was found in the back of the store. A student by the name of Edwin was killed in the theatre in the 1950s when a counterweight sand bag fell from the cat walk and broke his neck.