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In fact, they’re showing that actresses 50 and older can exude plenty of glamour, allure and power both on screen — and off.In terms of off-screen, both women have recently been romantically linked to attractive younger men.

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — The course of true love never did run smooth.

Her co-star Kevin Spacey was written out of the show following allegations of sexual misconduct.

There are numerous niche online dating sites for people who have an STI (sexually transmitted infection), which sounds reasonable at first glance.

The pair finally met in person in Egypt, where gender mixing is more accepted than in Saudi Arabia, long dominated by a puritanical form of Islam that has been challenged recently by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's push toward a more moderate interpretation of the religion.

“Our culture here, they make love a sin,” Waleed said.

RELATED VIDEO: Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Has a Girlfriend: ‘It More or Less Just Happened’ “We were friends for a year and so it kind of just turned into [a romantic relationship],” Lowry said.

“So, it’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend, you know what I mean?Wright’s son, Hopper, from her previous marriage to Sean Penn, was with her and Giraudet.At the time, Giraudet was labeled as Wright’s “mystery man.” Page Six said Giraudet has been staying at Wright’s home when he visits Los Angeles.Davis’ wife, Isabella Brewster, filed for divorce this year.Dern’s last high-profile relationship was with actor Billy Bob Thornton back when she was a young, up-and-coming star.“Two years back we wouldn’t even be able to sit together — people would get the wrong idea,” says Waleed, a 27-year-old software engineer with the square jaw of a model.

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